Workshop on QCD, string theory, gravity and the description of Extreme Matter

Scientific Program including Talks

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It is about 10 years that the first ideas on large N field theories, string theory and gravity have been published. In the mean time the gauge gravity connection has become an important tool to describe QCD. Starting from the vacuum properties of QCD we discuss how the extreme high temperature phase of QCD emerges from the gravity theory via the formation of a black hole geometry.

In detail we will discuss:
  • Conformal AdS/CFT.
  • Breaking conformal invariance via a dynamical dilaton.
  • What about quarks?
  • How to determine Black hole geometry?
  • Can one describe the equation of state?
  • Non static feature of the quark gluon plasma.
  • Attempts to use the AdS theory in many body theory.
  • ...

List of Talks:

Monday, 15 March

Elias Kiritsis Holographic models for QCD
Keijo Kajantie Finite temperature QCD in equilibrium: lattice Monte Carlo, perturbation theory and AdS/QCD
Marco Panero Strings and numeric strings
Eugenio Megias Heavy qq Free Energy and Thermodynamics in AdS/QCD

Tuesday, 16 March

Johanna Erdmenger Quarks and flavour degrees of freedom in AdS/CFT from string theory
Dominik Nickel Synchrotron radiation in strongly coupled conformal field theories
Konrad Schade Meson and Baryon Screening in Hot Moving Plasmas

Wednesday, 17 March

Michael Thies Old and new lessons from the Gross-Neveu model

Thursday, 18 March

Jan Zaanen AdS/CFT and the Fermions of condensed matter
Andrew O'Bannon Holographic flavor transport
Janne Alanen Thermodynamics of IRFP* and Technicolor theories from gauge/string duality

Friday, 19 March

Hilmar Forkel Hadrons as Holograms
Patrick Kerner Holographic p-wave Superfluids
Dmitri Antonov Soft contributions to the shear and bulk viscosities
Hans-Juergen Pirner Summary of the Workshop

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