Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Seminars of this week

Nov 19
14:00 , Phil19Christian Reichelt (ITP Heidelberg)
Recent ideas in F-theory (journal club)
Beyond the Standard Model and String Theory
Nov 20
10:00 , Mathematikon R.5/104Stan Maree (John Innes Centre Norwich, GB)
Getting into Shape: Intracellular dynamics coupled to cell shape changes triggers emergent cell responses (Special seminar: NOTE UNUSUAL TIME AND VENUE!)
BioQuant Seminars
11:00 , Phil16;SRDavid Wands (University of Portsmouth)
Seeing Stochastic Inflation
Kosmologie und Elementarteilchenphysik
16:15 , Phil16,Stefanie Czischek (Heidelberg University)
Violating Bell’s inequality with Langevin dynamics in a deep belief network
Cold Quantum Coffee
Nov 21
15:45 , Phil12;SR106Pablo Soler (ITP Heidelberg)
Swampland conjectures and some phenomenological applications.
Quantum Gravity Seminar
Nov 22
16:15 , Phil12;SR106Tomislav Prokopec (Utrecht University)
TBA (PRETALK for students at 15:30 h)
Nov 23

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