Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Seminars are usually held in the seminar room in Phil. 16 at 14:15 on Tuesdays

Date Details
17:15, R105 Phil12 17 July 2018
Speaker: Sebastian Schenk (ITP)
Topic: High Multiplicity Amplitudes and Anharmonic Oscillators
24 July 2018
Speaker: Adrian Carmona (Mainz)
Topic: A clockwork model of flavor
11 December 2018
Speaker: Pablo Quilez
Topic: TBA

Past seminars:

Date Details
10 July 2018
Speaker: Till Martini (HU Berlin)
Topic: The matrix element method at NLO QCD for hadronic jet production
3 July 2018
Speaker: Sophie Renner (Mainz)
Topic: A flavoured dark sector
26 June 2018
Speakers: Elina Fuchs and Matthias Schlaffer (Weizmann institute)
Topic: Constraining New Physics with Atomic Precision, Hunting Relaxions at Colliders
25 June 2018
Speaker: Thomas Hugle (MPIK)
Topic: Leptogenesis in the Scotogenic Model
11 June 2018
Speaker: Gauthier Durieux (DESY)
Topic: Optimal probes for the top-quark EFT at future lepton colliders and implications
15 May 2018
Speaker: Thomas Flacke (IBS CTPU, Korea)
Topic: Common exotic LHC signatures in underlying models with a composite Higgs
8 May 2018
Speaker: Giorgio Arcadi (MPIK)
Topic: Evading Dark Matter Direct Detection through light mediators and extended dark sectors
24 April 2018
Speaker: Eleni Vryonidou (CERN)
Topic: Precision in EFT studies for top quark and Higgs physics
16 February 2018
Speaker: Sebastian Bruggisser (DESY)
Topic: EW Baryogenesis through varying Yukawas in Composite Higgs Models
30 January 2018
Speaker: Felix Kahlhoefer (RWTH Aachen)
Topic: New directions in dark matter direct detection
23 January 2018
Speaker: Simon Kast (ITP)
Topic: Dark Matter from the Top
16 January 2018
Speaker: Jennifer Thompson (ITP)
Topic: Introduction to Sherpa
18 December 2017
Speaker: Felix Kling (Irvine)
Topic: FASER: ForwArd Search ExpeRiment at the LHC
5 December 2017
Speaker: Ramon Winterhalder (ITP)
Topic: Approximations for Vector-Boson Scattering at the LHC - Logarithmic Electroweak Corrections
28 November 2017
Speaker: Stefan Vogl (MPIK)
Topic: FIMPs and friends: Probing dark matter with long-lived particles at the LHC
21 November 2017
Speaker: Ramon Winterhalder (ITP)
Topic: Approximations for Vector-Boson Scattering at the LHC
14 November 2017
Speaker: Tommi Alanne (MPIK)
Topic: Partially composite Goldstone Higgs
3 November 2017
Speakers: Sascha Diefenbacher, Fabian Keilbach (ITP)
Topics: Anomaly Free Vector Mediators, Higgs to Invisibles using Quark Gluon Discrimination
24 October 2017
Speaker: Claudius Krause (Valencia)
Topic: Effective Field Theories in Higgs Physics
17 October 2017
Speaker: Charlotte Neitzel (ITP)
Topic: Signal-Background Interference Pattern for Scalar Resonances
10 October 2017
Speaker: Tyler Corbett (CoEPP)
Topic: Exploring Extended Scalar Sectors with Di-Higgs Signals: A Higgs EFT Perspective
4 October 2017
Speaker: Alexis Plascencia (IPPP Durham)
Topic: Constraining simplified models of dark matter with searches for long-lived charged particles
25 July 2017
Speaker: Kevin Kroeninger (Dortmund)
Topic: Interpreting top-quark measurements from an experimentalist's point of view
18 July 2017
Speaker: Martin Klassen (ITP)
Topic: Consistent Models of Dark Matter at the LHC
17 July 2017
Speaker: Christof Wetterich (ITP)
Topic: Graviton fluctuations erase the cosmological constant
11 July 2017
Speaker: Farinaldo da Silva Queiroz (MPIK)
Topic: Probing the Nature of Dark Matter with Direct Detection Experiments Only
27 June 2017
Speaker: Alexander Huss (Zurich)
Topic: Precise QCD predictions using antenna subtraction
13 June 2017
Speaker: Alexander Voigt (Aachen)
Topic: Higgs mass prediction in supersymmetry with effective field theory techniques
13 June 2017
Speaker: Rhea Moutafis (ITP)
Topic: Searches for invisible Higgs decays
16 May 2017
Speaker: Giorgio Arcadi (MPIK)
Topic: Probing the WIMP paradigm with collider and direct detection
9 May 2017
Speaker: Kentarou Mawatari (Grenoble)
Topic: Are simplified DM models too simple?
2 May 2017
Speaker: Ilaria Brivio (NBI-Copenhagen)
Topic: Scheming in the SMEFT
25 April 2017
Speaker: Raffaele Tito D'Agnolo (EPFL)
Topic: Exceptionally Light Thermal Dark Matter
31 January 2017
Speaker: Markus Schulze (HU-Berlin)
Topic: Probing the top quark electroweak couplings at the LHC
24 January 2017
Speaker: Marco Sekulla (KIT)
Topic: Simplified Models for Vector Boson Scattering
17 January 2017
Speaker: Peter Marquard (DESY)
Topic: The top quark and its mass
10 January 2017
Speaker: Alexander Helmboldt (MPIK)
Topic: Prospects for three-body Higgs decays into extra light scalars
14 December 2016
Speaker: Andrea Quadri (Milan)
Topic: UV properties of dimension-six operators and hidden symmetries in Higgs EFTs
6 December 2016
Speaker: Harald Ita (Freiburg)
Topic: Towards the numerical unitarity approach for two-loop scattering amplitudes in QCD
29 November 2016
Speaker: Philipp Maierhoefer (Freiburg)
Topic: NLO automation: QCD & electroweak corrections at high multiplicities
24 November 2016
Speaker: Sebastian Ohmer (MPIK)
Topic: Gravitational Waves as a New Probe of Dark Matter
2 November 2016
Speaker: Tyler Corbett (Melbourne)
Topic: Inverse Amplitude Method: The Singlet Higgs Portal as a Case Study
25 October 2016
Speaker: Iason Baldes (DESY)
Topic: Dynamical Yukawas in the Froggatt-Nielsen Mechanism
19 October 2016
Speaker: Per Osland (UIB)
Topic: CP violation in an S3-symmetric scalar sector
15 September 2016
Speaker: Pier Paolo Giardino (BNL)
Topic: Stability of the Electro-weak vacuum
28 June 2016
Speaker: Szabo Zsolt (ITP)
Topic: Understanding High Multiplicity Amplitudes in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory
21 June 2016
Speaker: David Marzocca (Zurich)
Topic: Pseudo-observables in Higgs physics
20 June 2016
Speaker: Tao Ming Hong (Pittsburgh)
Topic: Higgs' invisible branching fraction at the LHC
14 June 2016
Speaker: Stefan Liebler (DESY)
Topic: Extended Higgs sector phenomenology at the LHC
2 June 2016
Speaker: Tracy Slatyer (MIT)
Topic: Dark Matter With Long-Range Interactions: the Sommerfeld Enhancement and Bound States
31 May 2016
Speaker: Pedro Ruiz-Femenia (TUM)
Topic: The relic density of heavy neutralinos
25 May 2016
Speaker: Jessica Turner (IPPP-Durham)
Topic: Leptonic observables from A5 with Generalised CP and prospects for their discovery
13 May 2016
Speaker: Luc Darme (LPTHE-Jussieu)
Topic: Di-photon excess in perturbative SUSY with Dirac gauginos
3 May 2016
Speaker: Jose Miguel No (Sussex)
Topic: Towards a Complete Picture of the Dynamics of the EW Phase Transition: Gravitational Waves and EW Baryogenesis
19 April 2016
Speaker: Barbara Jaeger (ITP-Tuebingen)
Topic: Electroweak physics in the LHC era: tool or target?
5 April 2016
Speaker: Jorge Camalich (Mainz)
Topic: The shape of (new) physics in B decays
1 March 2016
Speaker: Luminita Mihaila (ITP)
Topic: On the gauge dependence of the SM vacuum instability scale

9 February 2016
Speaker: Sebastian Schenk (ITP)
Topic: Flavor Physics in Type II String Models with Intersecting D-branes
26 January 2016
Speaker: Aurora Meroni (CP3-Origins)
Topic: An elementary Goldstone Higgs
1 December 2015
Speaker: Raul Roentsch (KIT)
Topic: Constraining the top-Z coupling through ttbar+Z production at the LHC
30 November 2015
Speaker: Sylvain Fichet (ICTP-UNESP)
Topic: Statistics for the Higgs
24 November 2015
Speaker: Joachim Brodd (Mainz)
Topic: Renormalization Group Effects in Dark-Matter Direct Detection
17 November 2015
Speaker: Matthew Dowling (KIT)
Topic: Top-quark Pair Production in a Running Mass Scheme
10 November 2015
Speaker: Luminita Mihaila (ITP)
Topic: Particle Physics at High Precision
20 October 2015
Speaker: Till Martini (HU-Berlin)
Topic: The Matrix Element Method at next-to-leading order
28 July 2015 Speaker: Sebastian Hoof (ITP)
Topic: Axion Dark Matter and Two Periods of Inflation

21 July 2015 Speaker: Florian Goertz (CERN)
Topic: Exploring the Higgs Boson at the LHC

14 July 2015 Speaker: Jose Zurita (Mainz)
Topic: Compressed electroweakinos at the LHC and future colliders

7 July 2015 Speaker: Michael Duerr (MPIK)
Topic: Gauge Theories for Baryon and Lepton Numbers

30 June 2015 Speaker: Felix Yu (Mainz)
Topic: New Physics in WW Scattering

23 June 2015 Speaker: Maikel de Vries (Mainz)
Topic: Four-Quark Effective Operators at Hadron Colliders

16 June 2015 Speaker: Florian and Patrick (ITP)
Topic: Testing Z' models with ZPriMATE

10 June 2015 Speaker: Sven Heinemeyer (IFCA-Santander)
Topic: SUSY fits with MasterCode

9 June 2015 Speaker: Andrea Thamm (Mainz)
Topic: Direct vs indirect probes of New Physics at Future Colliders

26 May 2015 Speaker: Martin Stoll (Tokyo)
Topic: Jet clustering with a terminating veto ("mass jump")
12 May 2015
Speaker: Oscar Cata (LMU-München)
Topic: Testing the standard Higgs with EFT tools

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