Conferences soft matter and biological physics

Information collected by Ulrich Schwarz, Heidelberg. Click here for a similar list for earlier years.

Year 2015

date place conference comments
Feb 7-11 Baltimore BPS Annual Meeting 2015 abstract deadline Oct 1
March 2-6 San Antonio, Texas, USA APS march meeting -
March 3-6 Cold Spring Harbor Fifth Cold Spring Harbor meeting on computational approaches to cell biology: Cellular dynamics and models -
March 15-20 Berlin DPG annual meeting condensed matter section -
Mar 23-25 Institut Curie, Paris Paris Interdisciplinary Workshop on Cell Motility organizer Timo Betz
April 15-18 EMBL Heidelberg Cellular Heterogeneity: Role of Variability and Noise in Biological Decision-Making organizers L. Pelkmans, S. Altschuler
April 20-24 Lorentz Center Leiden NL Micro-flow and Survival - The Role of Slow Flows in Biological Physics deadline 31 January 2015
May 13-15 Barcelona, Spain 6th European CellMech Meeting deadline Jan 15
May 18-22 MPI PKS Dresden Random walks and nonlinear dynamics in the life of cells -
May 26-30 Roscoff, France Actin and Microtubule Cytoskeleton in Cell Motility and Morphogenesis: An Integrated View organized by Marie-France Carlier (CNRS, France) and Thomas Surrey (LRI, Cancer Rersearch UK)
June 22-24 Biarritz, France Fluid and Elasticity 2015 -
June 30 - July 8 Atlanta, GA, USA 2015 Annual Meeting for The Society for Mathematical Biology -
July 6-8 German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) at Heidelberg SBHD 2015 - International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease organized by Roland Eils & Peter Sorger
July 6-12 Jacobs University Bremen WE Heraeus Physics School on The Physics Behind Systems Biology organized by Nicole Radde and Marc-Thorsten Huett
July 9+10 Science Museum, London, UK Physics of Emergent Behaviour II - From molecules to planets organized by Drs. Robert Endres, Chiu Fan Lee, Giovanni Sena
July 14-16 IWH Heidelberg, Germany IWH-Symposium on Collective Cell Migration organized by Freddy Frischknecht, Heike Boehm and Ulrich Schwarz; registration deadline May 1
July 14-24 Newton Institute, Cambridge, England Program on Coupling Geometric PDEs with Physics for Cell Morphology, Motility and Pattern Formation: workshop on Modelling, Numerical Analysis and Applications Organisers: Bernd Hoffmann (Juelich), Dagmar Iber (ETHZ), Hans Othmer (Minnesota) and Reinhard Windoffer (Aachen)
July 18-23 Dresden, Germany 10th European Biophysics Congress -
July 19 - July 25 Lipari Island, Italy Computational Dynamic Analysis of Biological Processes organized by Alfredo Ferro (University of Catania)
Aug 2-8 Dresden Second Dresden Summer School in Systems Biology organized by Ivo Sbalzarini & Birgit Knepper
Aug 3 - Sept 5 KITP Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Advanced School on cellular evolution organized by Rob Phillips (Caltech) and Hernan Garcia (UC Berkeley)
Aug 5-8 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA Ninth q-bio Conference -
Aug 9-14 Colby-Sawyer College NH GRC Soft Matter chairs Seth Fraden and Jean-Francois Joanny
Aug 30 - Sept 4 Bad Staffelstein, Germany Physics of cells: From molecules to systems (PhysCell 2015) -
Sept 7-11 Bad Herrenalb Black Forest Germany Geometry and physics of spatial random systems -
Sept 14-18 Newton Institute, Cambridge, England Program on Coupling Geometric PDEs with Physics for Cell Morphology, Motility and Pattern Formation: workshop on Cell Mechanics, Morphogenetics and Pattern Formation Organisers: Till Bretschneider (Warwick), Damir Khismatullin (Tulane), Sharon Lubkin (North Carolina State) and Christian Schmeiser (Vienna)
Sept 14-25 Goettingen, Germany Tissue as active matter organized by Joerg Grosshans, Christoph Schmidt and Fred Wolf
Sept 14-18 Berlin Shape Up 2015: Exercises in Materials Geometry and Topology -
Sept 21-25 FZ Juelich Summer School of the DFG Priority Programme 1726: Microswimmers - From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behavior organized by Gerhard Gompper
Sept 21-25 Lorentz center Leiden Active Liquids organized by Olivier Dauchot, Marjolein Dijktra, Sriram Ramaswamy, Julien Tailleur, John Toner
Sept 21-24 Erlangen, Germany Conference Particle Simulations 2015 organizers Thorsten Poeschel, Patric Mueller and Christian Scholz
Sept 24/25 Cambridge UK Physics Of Living Matter Symposium 10th Edition organized by Buzz Baum, Kristian Franze, Alexandre Kabla, Alfonso Martinez-Arias, Ewa Paluch
Sept 28-30 Barcelona, Spain IV International Conference on Particle-Based Methods (PARTICLES 2015) includes session Discrete Modeling in Cell and Tissue Mechanobiology organized by Jose Manuel Garcia-Aznar, Herman Ramon, Paul van Liederkeke and Roger Kamm
Sept 30 - Oct 2 EMBL Heidelberg BIOMS-EMBL conference: Physics of cells and tissues 2015 organized by Francois Nedelec, Ulrich Schwarz and Matthias Weiss for BIOMS
Sept 28 - Oct 2 Cargese, Corsica Quantitative Biology of Signaling -
Sept 29 - Oct 1 Dresden Symposium ENGINEERING LIFE 2015: Synthetic Biology meets Bioinspired Materials -
Oct 5-8 Potsdam, Germany Nonequilibrium Collective Dynamics: Bridging the Gap between Hard and Soft Materials organized by research training group GRK1558, Holger Stark and Sabine Klapp
Oct 6 - 15 EMBL Heidelberg Seeing is Believing - Imaging the Processes of Life organizers Jan Ellenberg and Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Oct 10-17 Porquerolles, France Practical course on modelling cellular processes in space and time application deadline Aug 20, organizers Francois Nedelec and Herve Turlier
Nov 10-13 Bad Honnef, Germany Juelich Soft Matter Days 2015 registration deadline Sept 7
Nov 16-20 Stellenbosch, South Africa Biophysics in the Understanding, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Infectious Diseases meeting -
Dec 7-9 Harnack-Haus Berlin Conference on multiscale motility of biomolecular machines organizers Stefan Klumpp, Reinhard Lipowsky and Christian Spahn

Year 2016

date place conference comments
Feb 27 - Mar 02 Los Angeles BPS Annual Meeting 2016 abstract deadline Oct 1
March 6 - 11 Regensburg, Germany Spring meeting Biological Physics in the German Physical Society -
Mar 14 - 18 Baltimore APS spring meeting
March 22 - 24 Amsterdam, NL Conference on Mechanobiology: mechanisms of force sensation and transduction that controls cell behavior in health and disease organizers Thomas Schmidt und Erik Danen
March 27 - April 2 Aspen Center of Physics Workshop on Physics of Development and Disease organizers Josef Kaes, Wolfgang Losert and Lisa Manning

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