Literature (will be extended as the lecture progresses)

on perturbative quantum gravity

  • Perturbative quantum gravity by G. 't Hooft

    on the effective-field theory approach to quantum gravity

  • The effective field theory treatment of quantum gravity by J. Donoghue

  • Quantum Gravity in everyday life: General Relativity as an effective field theory by C. Burgess

    Curvature-squared gravity

  • Renormalization of higher-derivative quantum gravity by K. Stelle

  • Classical gravity with higher derivatives by K. Stelle

  • Scholarpedia entry on the Ostrogradsky instability by R. Woodard

    Overview of different approaches to quantum gravity

  • Approaches to quantum gravity, edited by D. Oriti

    Different possibilities for the ultraviolet behavior of couplings

  • Chapter 18.3 in The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol II, by S. Weinberg

    on the Asymptotic Safety scenario (with a focus on quantum gravity)

  • The asymptotic safety scenario in quantum gravity - an introduction by M. Niedermaier

    on the Functional Renormalization Group

  • Introduction to the functional RG and application to gauge theories by H. Gies
  • Nonperturbative renormalization flow in quantum field theory and statistical physics by J. Berges, N. Tetradis and C. Wetterich
  • An introduction to the nonperturbative Renormalization Group by B. Delamotte

    Phase transitions and critical phenomena

  • lecture notes on phase transitions and critical phenomena by M. Scherer


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