Winter term 2017/18

  • 18.10.2017: Antonio Pereira (U Heidelberg)

    Title: An introduction to the Gribov problem and its consequences
    Abstract: In 1978, Gribov and Singer showed that the gauge-fixing procedure is not complete in non-Abelian gauge theories. In particular, after choosing a gauge condition, field configurations compatible with such a condition and related via gauge transformations exist (Gribov copies). In order to improve the standard Faddeev-Popov method, Gribov and Zwanziger developed a systematic way to deal with those copies in the Landau gauge giving rise to the so-called Gribov-Zwanziger action. In this talk, I will review this construction and comment on some recent developments focusing on pure Yang-Mills theories emphasizing the achievements as well as the challenges of this approach.

  • 25.10.2017: Andrew Bond (U Sussex)
  • 8.11.2017: Alessio Belenchia (U Vienna)
  • 13.12.2017: Kasia Rejzner (York Univ.)

    Past seminars

  • 13.03.2017 Alessia Platania (INAF Catania; U Nijmegen)
  • 26.04.2017 Tim Morris (U Southampton)
  • 31.05.2017 Mercedes Martin-Benito (U Lisbon)
  • 7.06.2017 Vincent Lahoche (U Bordeaux)
  • 14.06.2017 John Laiho (U Syracuse)
  • 5.07.2017 Lisa Glaser (U Nijmegen)
  • 19.07.2017 Tim Koslowski (UNAM)
  • 26.07.2017 Alfio Bonnano (INAF Catania)

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