Particle Fever

David E. Kaplan is not only the producer of the film Particle Fever, he is also one of the organizers of the Johns Hopkins workshop series. Monica Dunford is one of the key actresses in the movie and a member of the Heidelberg ATLAS group. Some of you might remember David Kaplan's great 2013 Christmas colloquium in Heidelberg, where he showed a few film clips.

As part of the Hopkins Workshop we will show the movie Particle Fever on
Monday 21.7. 19:00
Tuesday 22.7. 19:00
Wednesday 23.7. 21:00
The Tuesday night show will be largely reserved for workshop participants and press, while the Monday and Wednesday shows will be open to students, researchers, and faculty of the Heidelberg physics department.

The shows at the Gloria movie theater will be free of charge. Because of the limited size of the theater (132 seats) we will nevertheless assign seats. To get a seat just send an email to with your name, your Matrikelnummer or office number, the day (Monday or Wednesday), and the words `Particle Fever' in the subject line. Emails arriving before July 1 will be ignored. You will then receive an email back with your seat number.