Johns Hopkins Workshop 2014: Program

We will start in the morning on Monday 7/21 and end in the afternoon on Wednesday 7/23.
Please download the program here.


Theory Challenges Babis Anastasiou (ETH Zurich)

Higgs Eilam Gross (Weizmann Institute)

Galaxy Clusters as Tele-ALP-scopesx Joe Conlon (Oxford)

LHC Anomalies Albert de Roeck (CERN)

Higgs Portalia Christoph Englert (Glasgow)

High Scale Physics from the Higgs Observation Tony Gherghetta (Minnesota)

RG Flow of the Higgs Potential Holger Gies (Jena)

Effective Lagrangian Approach to the EWSB Sector Juan Gonzalez-Fraile (Barcelona)

Higgs at Future Colliders Markus Klute (MIT)

The Higgs and High-Scale SUSY Alexander Knochel (Aachen)

WIMPs: Theory and Experimental Results from XENON Manfred Lindner (MPIK Heidelberg)

LHC Anomalies Patrick Meade (Stony Brook)

BSM at Future Colliders Filip Moortgat (CERN)

Dark Matter Indirect Detection Simona Murgia (Irvine)

Increasing Creativity Maxim Pospelov (Victoria)

Axion Dark Matter and Detection Javier Redondo (MPP Munich)

The Mu3e Experiment Andre Schoening (Heidelberg)

Wakefield Accelerators Matt Zepf (Jena)