Quark-Gluon Plasma and Cold Atoms

Participating EMMI research groups

Ewerz / Gasenzer / Jochim / Oberthaler / Pawlowski / Salmhofer / Schaffner-Bielich / Schweda / Stachel / Weidemüller / Wimberger

Physikalisches Institut, kleiner Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12

 Monday 17:00 - 18:00 Uhr

The Seminar explores the synergies and communalities between the physics of the coldest and the hottest systems we can study experimentally in the laboratory: cold quantum gases and the quark-gluon plasma. It brings together interested students and researchers and experts working in one or both of these areas.

This seminar is the fourth in a seminar series and continues the QGP--Cold-Atoms Seminars of the winter term 2009/2010, the summer term 2009 and the summer term 2008 This term we discuss the review Nearly Perfect Fluidity: From Cold Atomic Gases to Hot Quark Gluon Plasmas of Schäfer, Teaney.

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2 Strongly coupled quantum fluids

  12.4. 2.1 Bose fluids: Dilute Bose gases

2.2 Bose fluids: Liquid helium

  19.4. 2.3 Fermi liquids: The dilute Fermi gas at unitarity Jochim
  26.4. 2.4 Gauge theories: QCD Haas/Pawlowski

3 Transport theory

 3.5. 3.1 Hydrodynamics Flörchinger/Gasenzer
 10.5. 3.2 Diffusion

3.3 Dynamic universality

3.4 Kubo relations and spectral functions

  31.5 3.5 Kinetic theory: Shear viscosity

3.5.1 Phonons in dilute Fermi gases

3.5.2 Phonons and rotons in liquid helium

3.5.3 Non-relativistic atoms: Dilute Fermi gases and 4 He

  31.5 3.5 Kinetic theory: Shear viscosity

3.5.2 Pions in QCD

3.5.4 Gauge fields in QCD

  7.6 3.6 Kinetic theory: Other transport properties Chatterjee/Schaffner-Bielich

4 Holography

  14.6. 4.1 The equation of state from holography

4.2 Shear viscosity from holography

4.3 The KSS bound

  21.6. 4.4 Other transport properties

4.5 Hydrodynamics and holography

4.6 Non-relativistic AdS/CFT correspondence


5 Experimental determination of transport properties

  28.6. 5.1 Liquid helium Oberthaler
  12.7. Special Seminar: Bulk Viscosity for High Amplitude Oscillations Mark Alford (Washington University)
  19.7. 5.3 The quark gluon plasma at RHIC Reygers