Dr. Cornelius Rampf


I am a theoretical physicist with a focus on cosmology, currently working at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Heidelberg University. I am also the Scientific Coordinator of the TRR33 "The Dark Universe", a collaborative research project between the Universities Heidelberg, Bonn and LMU Munich, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Before moving to Heidelberg, I had postdoctoral positions at the Technion (Israel) and ICG Portsmouth (UK), with shorter research visits at UNSW Sydney (AUS) and the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam (D). I obtained my diploma in theoretical physics at KIT / University of Karlsruhe (November 2009), and my PhD in theoretical cosmology (defended in July 2013) at RWTH Aachen University.

In my spare time, I'm a passionate Cellist. Here's our recording of Schindler's list (violin solo: Franz-Markus Siegert, cello solo: Cornelius Rampf, ensemble: Il Giardino):


The main focus of my research is cosmological structure formation. I'm interested in how the today's observed large-scale structure of our Universe has formed. More specifically, my research objectives include
  1. perturbation theory in standard and non-standard cosmological models,
  2. investigating the matter collapse and the break-down of the cosmological fluid equations ("shell-crossing"), and
  3. investigating the impact of photons and neutrinos in cosmological N-body simulations.
Applying state-of-the-art techniques borrowed from high-energy physics and mathematical fluid dynamics, I develop novel tools to determine the large-scale structure to high accuracy.

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