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Welcome to CMBEASY

Welcome to the Homepage of CMBEASY. CMBEASY is a software package for calculating the evolution of density fluctuations in the universe. Most notably, the Cosmic Microwave Background temperature anisotropies. It features a Markov Chain Monte Carlo driver and many routines to compute likelihoods of any given model.

CMBEASY is fast, accurate and comes with many useful features.

Version 4.4.1 is out. See the news below.

The code is based on the CMBFAST package by Uros Seljak and Matias Zaldarriaga. Without their donation of the CMBFAST package to the public domain, CMBEASY would not exist.

Even though its ancestor is a Fortran program, CMBEASY is fully object oriented C++. This considerably simplifies manipulations and extensions of the code. In addition, a powerfull Spline class can be used to easily store and visualize data.

Many features of the CMBEASY package are also accessible via a graphical user interface. This may be helpful for gaining intuition, as well as for instruction purposes.


13.5.2008 Version 4.4.1: Added convenience functions to the spline class. Fixes reading of CBI data. See version and download page.

5.5.2008 Version 4.4: Updated c++ port of the WMAP likelihood routines to the 5-year data release. Use cmake as build system. See version and download page.

28.11.2006 Version 4.3: Added new version of WMAP and CBI likelihood routines. Added Lyman alpha constraints of Pat McDonald. Started a new directory analyze/ that will eventually hold all data routines. See version and download page.

10.07.2006 Version 4.2.1: Fixes: Bug in xcmb and cmb that prevented the computation of cold dark matter power spectra without cosmic microwave background computation.See version and download page.

21.06.2006 Version 4.2: Added WMAP-3 likelihood routines both in Fortran and C++ (default). More convenient monte carlo driver. Fixes some memory leaks/corruptions and the use of uninitialized variables due to some runs using valgrind. See version and download page.

18.04.2006 Version 4.1.4: Fixes: Compile error on certain systems. Added some features for drawing likelihood contours in the gui. See version and download page.

31.01.2006 Version 4.1.3: Fixes: Memory allocation error in Boomerang routine, minor error in Sne Ia core routines. See version and download page.

29.11.2005 Version 4.1.2: Fixes: Boomerang data was not shipped with previous release. See version and download page.

29.11.2005 Version 4.1.1: Fixes: Bug & compile error in Boomerang routines. Printing of curves in gui is now much nicer. See version and download page.

25.10.2005 Version 4.1: Fixes: Bug in WMAP likelihood routine. New: Sophisticated Sne Ia routines and Boomerang '03 data. See version and download page.

21.06.2005 Version 4.0.1: Bugfix release: v4.0 didn't compile on certain gcc / qt combinations. See version and download page.

20.06.2005 Version 4.0: Cmbeasy is now much faster and more accurate. Several interesting features have been added. See the version and download page.

14.02.2005 Version 3.0.2: When updating from 2.1.2, the user interfaced crashed. To fix this, either copy the fixed file cmbmainwindow.cc to the gui directory, or remove the qt-resouce file cmbeasyrc in the $HOME/.qt/ directory, or download the updated package 3.0.2 at the download page.

07.02.2005 Version 3.0.1: Murphy's law again. Some data files were missing in the resources directory. Took the opportunity to group files into sub-directories in the resources directory. See v3.0.1 at download page.

04.02.2005 Version 3.0: Major improvements on plotting and printing of monte carlo chain results. Some minor errors corrected. See v3.0 at download page.

29.04.2004 Version 2.1.2: Small bugfix in "Arbitrary" quintessence class. Added special treatment for l=2 to ScalarIntegrator (prevents rare flaw from tabulated bessel functions). The monte carlo and data analysis part is now more rugged. Improved CMB accuracy: average deviation between CMBFAST and CMBEASY is now 0.3 % for l=2...2000. See v2.1.2 at download page.

26.04.2004 Version 2.1.1: Small bugfix of makefile and gui. See v2.1.1 at download page.

23.04.2004 Version 2.1: New CBI, VSA and Riess 2004 Sne Ia data added to AnalyzeThis. More rugged WMAP likelihood in AnalyzeThis and revised 2-D likelihood plotting. Added custom paper format in the user interface for 2-D likelihood plots. More rugged quintessence support. See v2.1 at download page.

12.11.2003 Version 2.0: Too many things are new to mention all here, but the major things are: data analyzation and monte carlo package included, support for varying fine structure constant, complete re-write of the thermal history and recombination code, added gauge invariant initial conditions for quintessence, See v2.0 at download page.

19.03.2003 New features and bugfixes: Added running spectral index (research version) and WMAP data (gui). Improved features for parameters.cmb file: optical depth, omega_b*h^2 etc. instead of omega_b... Improved inverse power law quintessence stability. Improved compiling compatibility. Rescaling to Psi = 1 in gauge invariant initial conditions has not been restricted to adiabatic case, fixed this critical bug. See v1.0.4 at download page.

18.02.2003 Improved Documentation: Further improved notes on modifying the code can be found in the online-documentation.

14.02.2003 Small bugfix: Compile error in cmbmainwindow.cc on some systems due to QString, string conversion solved. Makefiles updated: wouldn't make new when only driver.cc was changed. If these minor fixes interest you, see v1.0.3 at download page.

11.02.2003 Improved Documentation: Some notes on modifying the code through sub-classing can be found in the online-documentation.

10.02.2003 Small bugfix: GUI wouldn't print to printer (but to file), "jlens.dat" was not written and read to and from the resource directory. This wasn't a bug, but maybe misleading. Solves apparent error in GUI when lensing is enabled. See v1.0.2 at download page.

10.02.2003 Bugfix release: Murphy's law hit the packages released yesterday: the graphical user interface didn't calculate tensors (due to a recent change to non-cmbfast-standard tensor handling) and driver.cc didn't correctly set up quintessence. Some small changes to driver.cc and cmbmainwindow.cc fixed the bugs. Yesterday's packages would also not do power spectra without cmb. This has been fixed. I suggest updating the whole package, see the download page to get the new version 1.0.1 I'm sorry, but I guess it is better to fix it instantly, before much harm is done (i.e. you've added code and you need to find out what changed for you).