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Fundamentals of Correlated Quantum Matter

Head of the group:
Michael M. Scherer

Group members

  • Bernhard Ihrig, Master student
  • Emilio Torres, associated PhD student (Cologne)
  • Former group members and completed theses

  • Laura Classen, PhD thesis, November 2016, now Postdoc at Brookhaven National Lab
  • Yanick Volpez, Master thesis, March 2016, now PhD student with D. Loss in Basel
  • Timo Reckling, Master thesis, October 2014, now PhD student with C. Honerkamp in Aachen


My research is focused on the exploration of the fundamentals of correlated quantum matter, in particular the effects of interactions on novel types of materials. Therefore, I employ quantum field theoretical methods, e.g., various renormalisation group approaches. My research interests include:

  • interaction and correlation effects of fermions in solids:
    - Dirac materials, e.g., graphene and its relatives
    - quantum critical phenomena
    - competing order parameters
    - 2D surface states of topological insulators and dual QED3
    - strongly-correlated electrons
    - high-temperature superconductors
    - spin-orbit coupled materials
  • renormalisation group methods in quantum field theory:
    - functional renormalisation group
    - non-perturbative expansion schemes
    - loop calculations, epsilon expansion
    - relations to other quantum many-body methods
  • ultracold quantum gases
  • Higgs mass and the scale of new physics
  • ultraviolet completions for the standard model
My research articles can be found on the arXiv or on Google Scholar.


Priv-Doz. Dr. Michael Scherer
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Heidelberg University
Philosophenweg 16
D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: +49-6221-54 9404
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