Simulational Methods in Physics


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Friday, 14.12.2007

14:00   D. Heermann (Heidelberg)   Simulations in Biophysics Slides
14:15   M. Bohn (Heidelberg)   A Random Loop Model for Chromatin Organization Slides
15:00   P. de Forcrand (ETHZ/CERN)   Phase Structure of QCD Slides
15:45   T. Gasenzer (Heidelberg)   Atomic gases far from euqilibrium Slides
16:30   R. De Pieri (Parma)   Numerical Relativity Slides
17:15       Coffee break
17:30   B.-J. Schaefer (Graz)   Phase diagram of QCD from the quark-meson model Slides
18:15   S. Scheffler (Darmstadt)   Plasma instabilities in non-abelian gauge theories Slides
19:00   R. Hofmann (Karlsruhe)   Yang-Mills Thermodynamics Slides
19:45   J. Polonyi (Strasbourg)   Decoherence of the Coulomb field Slides

Saturday, 15.12.2007

9:00   M. Henkel (Nancy)   Hidden extended dynamical symmetries in non-equilibrium systems Slides
10:00   D. Litim (Sussex/CERN)   Toward functional flows for hierarchical models Slides
10:45       Coffee break
11:00   J.M. Pawlowski (Heidelberg)   Functional methods in QCD: Results and Challenges Slides
11:45   T. Mendes (Sao Paulo)   Constraints on the infrared behaviour of Landau gauge gluon propagators in Yang-Mills theory Slides
12:30   M. Müller-Preussker (Berlin)   Infrared QCD on the lattice: Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators Slides
13:15       Lunch break
14:00   J. Braun (Triumf)   Functional Renormalization Group study of phase transitions in gauge theories Slides
14:45   A. Feo (Torino)   Lattice Susy: N=2 super-YM in two dimensions Slides
15:30   F. Bruckmann (Regensburg)   Polyakov loop from Dirac spectra Slides
16:15   A. Wipf (Jena)   Susy lattice models Slides
17:00       Coffeee break
17:30   G. Bergner (Jena)   Lattice SuSy Slides
18:15   M. Fromm (ETHZ)   Potts model in finite thickness slab. Slides
19:00   M. Hellmann (Heidelberg)   Monte Carlo Simulations of the Hyaluronan-Aggrecan Complex in the Pericellular Matrix Slides
19:45   H. Gies (Heidelberg)   Worldline approach to chiral fermions Slides

Sunday, 16.12.2007

10:00   C. Ford (Dublin)   Non-abelian fluxes Slides
10:45   I.O. Stamatescu (Heidelberg)   New tasks for stochastic processes Slides
11:30       Coffeee break
11:45   U. Bergmann (FIAS Frankfurt)   Learning with incomplete information on the committee machine Slides
12:30   U. Wenger (ETHZ)   Baryonic matter in the lattice Gross-Neveu model Slides

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