Simulational Methods in Physics


Programme: Download here programme and list of participants

Friday, 30.1.2009

14:00   G. Aarts (Swansea)   Stochastic Quantization and sign problem Slides
15:00   V. Rubakov (Moscow INR)   Warm dark matter and the LHC Slides
16:00       Coffee break
16:30   J.M. Pawlowski (Heidelberg)   Confinement and chiral symmetry breaking from functional methods: results & challenges Slides
17:15   D. Spielmann (Heidelberg)   Stochastic Quantisation in Landau gauge Slides
18:00   S. Scheffler (Darmstadt)   Turbulence in nonabelian gauge theories Slides
18:45   G. Bergner (Jena)   The lattice as a supersymmetry regulator Slides
19:30   C. Wozar (Jena)   The 2d N=2 Wess-Zumino model on the lattice Slides

Saturday, 31.1.2009

9:00   M. Müller-Preussker (Berlin)   Calorons and dyons in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory at T>0 Slides
10:00   R. Hofmann (Karlsruhe)   Magnetic activity in deconfining Yang-Mills Thermodynamics Slides
10:45       Coffee break
11:15   A. Wipf (Jena)   Spectral sums and confinement in YM-theories Slides
12:00   O. Wantz (Cambridge)   Grand Canonical simulations in the Instanton Liquid model Slides
12:45   B.-J. Schaefer (Graz)   Exploring the chiral and deconfinement phase structure of QCD Slides
13:30       Lunch break
14:30   W. Unger (Bielefeld)   The Chiral Phase Transition Slides
15:15   F. Marhauser (Heidelberg)   Confinement in Polyakov gauge Slides
16:00       Coffeee break
16:30   D. Gruenewald (Heidelberg)   Gluon structure function of a color dipole on the lattice Slides
17:15   S. Borsanyi (Wuppertal)   Line of constant physics in QCD Slides
18:00   C. Ford (Dublin)   Non-hermitian QED Slides
18:45   I.-O. Stamatescu (Heidelberg)   LE and RW for complex actions Slides

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