Simulational Methods in Physics


Programme: Download here programme and list of participants

Thursday, 6.5.2010

16:15   P. de Forcrand (Zurich)   Nuclear Physics from lattice QCD at strong coupling Slides

Friday, 7.5.2010

14:00   L. von Smekal (Darmstadt)   QCD Phase Transitions and Green's Functions Slides
14:40   T. Gasenzer (Heidelberg)   Critical physics far from equilibrium Slides
15:20   L. Haas (Heidelberg)   Phase diagram of QCD from functional methods Slides
15:50       Coffee break
16:10   D. Litim (Sussex)   Low scale gravity black holes at LHC Slides
16:50   T. Kovacs (Pecs)   Poisson to Wigner&-Dyson transition in the high temperature Dirac spectrum Slides
17:30   E. Regoes (Budapest)   Low scale gravity black holes at LHC Slides
18:00       Coffee break
18:20   C. Fischer (Darmstadt)   Chiral and deconfinement phase transition from Dyson-Schwinger equations Slides
19:00   A. Maas (Graz)   Scalar particles Slides
19:30   R. Hofmann (Karlsruhe)   Black-body anomaly at low frequencies and temperatures -- experimentally Slides
20:00       Dinner

Saturday, 8.5.2010

9:00   F. Bruckmann (Regensburg)   Random matrix theory for finite temperature QCD Slides
9:40   J. Myers (Swansea)   Finite chemical potential in small volumes Slides
10:20   A. Wipf (Jena)   String breaking and Confinment in G2 gauge Theories Slides
10:50       Coffee break
11:20   A. Kurkela (Zurich)   Cold quark matter Slides
12:00   W. Unger (Bielefeld)   Magnetic equation of state in 2+1 flavour QCD: Towards the continuum limit Slides
12:30   C. Wozar (Jena)   Spontaneous supersymmetry breaking in the 2-d WZ-model on the lattice Slides
13:00       Lunch break
14:00   B.-J. Schaefer (Darmstadt)   Fluctuations and the QCD Phase Diagram Slides
14:40   J. Polonyi (Strassbourg)   Decoherence and damping in ideal gases Slides
15:20   A. Siwek (Wroclaw)   Boundary conditions and consistency of effective theories Slides
15:50       Coffee break
16:10   S. Borsanyi (Wuppertal)   Very hot lattice gauge theory Slides
16:50   D. Sexty (Heidelberg)   Nielsen-Olesen vs. Weibel instability in heavy ion collisions Slides
17:30   D. Spielmann (Heidelberg)   Confinement and infrared propagators in lattice Landau gauge Slides
18:00       Coffee break
18:20   V. Pangon (Darmstadt)   RG study of spontaneously broken symmetries Slides
18:50   S. Edwards (Darmstadt)   Vortices Slides
19:20       Dinner

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