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Advanced Cosmology

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Sommer Semester 2014

   The course will cover advanced topics in Cosmology:
   - Beyond the standard cosmological model
   - Inflation
   - models and phenomenology of dark energy
   - models of modified gravity: extradimensional gravity, higher order gravity, massive gravity, screening mechanisms
   - non linear clustering (Press-Schecter, higher-order perturbation theory)
   - Inhomogeneous models
   - supernovae
   - redshift clustering
   - lensing
   - cosmic microwave background
   - Bayesian statistics
   - The ESA Euclid satellite

   NOTE: Course begins on April 28th, 2014

   classes on Monday 14:15-16:00 Philosophenweg 12, R106

   Calendar (to be confirmed):
   05.05 No lecture today
   02.06 seminar by Dr. Miguel Zumalacarregui. Compact Notes and Extended Notes . Abstract: Recent observations allow us to test the validity of Einstein gravity on both cosmological and Solar System scales. I will give an overview of alternative theories of gravity, emphasizing the additional degrees of freedom that they introduce and focusing on scalar tensor theories, both of the Jordan-Brans-Dicke and the more general Horndeski class. Then I will present the different effects by which modified theories of gravity may have sizeable cosmological implications while remaining indetectable in the Solar System, focusing on the Chameleon mechanism and the Vainshtein effect.
   16.06 seminar by Dr. Alicia Belloso. Notes. Abstract: The Fisher Matrix in cosmology: I will introduce the concept of the Fisher matrix and how it is a useful tool to calculate forecasts for future cosmological surveys. I will also calculate explicitly the Fisher matrix for the matter power spectrum and indicate the results for the CMB, supernovae and weak lensing.
   21.07 (SR 105.)

    CREDITS: 2
    The exam will be oral only.
    Program :
    Lecture notes, Chapters 1 and 2;
    Dodelson, Chap. 6;
    Amendola-Tsujikawa, Section 4.8 (redshift distortion), 4.11 (perturbed photon propagation), Chapter 12, Section 14.4 (weak lensing);
    plus the notes of the two special seminars.

    Suggested texts:

    Lecture notes

    S. Dodelson, Modern Cosmology, Academic Press
    L. Amendola and S. Tsujikawa, Dark Energy, Theory and Observations, Cambridge University Press, 2010 (see also some notes from the book)



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