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Advanced Cosmology

Summer Semester 2017

   The course will cover advanced topics in Cosmology:
   - Beyond the standard cosmological model
   - Inflation
   - Perturbation theory
   - Power spectrum, correlation functions, and other measures of clustering
   - models and phenomenology of dark energy
   - models of modified gravity: extradimensional gravity, higher order gravity, massive gravity
   - screening mechanisms
   - non linear clustering (Press-Schechter, higher-order perturbation theory)
   - Inhomogeneous models
   - supernovae
   - redshift clustering
   - lensing
   - cosmic microwave background
   - Bayesian statistics
   - The ESA Euclid satellite

   NOTE: Course begins on April 24th, 2017

   classes on Monday 14:15-16:00 Philosophenweg 12, R106;
   seminars on Friday 15:15-16:00, same place (Tutor: Dr. Javier Rubio)
   Students will choose one topic from a list and prepare a presentation (powerpoint or blackboard) of 20-30 minutes;
   students can work in pairs if they wish, but no bigger groups.
   Classes on Mondays:

   Seminars on Fridays. Attendance is compulsory. (The calendar is preliminary; it will be adjusted according to attendance)
   28.04 (General presentation of seminar topics) Slides
   05.05 (no seminars this day)
   12.05 (no seminars this day)
   19.05 (no seminars this day)
   26.05 (no seminars this day)
   02.06 (no seminars this day)
   09.06 Ademola Adeifeoba : Scalar-tensor theories; Botto Poala: Measuring neutrino masses in Cosmology
   16.06 Phillipp Frey / Maurice Mutmann : Primordial black holes
   23.06 (no seminars this day)
   30.06 Jose Agustin Lozano Torres / Valeria Vanzani : Primordial Gravitational waves.
   07.07 Giorgio Laverda / Gerasimos Belegrinos : The Horndeski Lagrangian.
   14.07 Julius Wons / Salvador Ramirez : Massive / bimetric gravity.

    CREDITS: 3
    The exam will be oral only. The seminars are mandatory.

    Slides of the general presentation of seminar topics
Doodle to choose the seminar's topic

    Suggested texts:

    Lecture notes

    S. Dodelson, Modern Cosmology, Academic Press
    L. Amendola and S. Tsujikawa, Dark Energy, Theory and Observations, Cambridge University Press, 2010 (see also some notes from the book)



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