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Cosmology Seminars (Amendola, Pfrommer)

   Winter Semester 2016/17

   Seminars of cosmology, a requirement for the course of Cosmology by Prof. Dr. B. M Schaefer and Dr. M. Maturi


   NOTE: Course begins on October 21th, 2016 (more info)

   classes on Friday at 9:00-11:00 Philosophenweg 12, R060

   Calendar :
   21.10 General presentation
   (the following dates are tentative; dates can be added or skipped depending on attendance)
   11.11 seminar meeting 1
   Cold Dark Matter & Numerical Cosmology [CP]: Buehler
   From Dark Matter Halos to Galaxies [LA]: Hopkins + Joshi
   18.11 seminar meeting 2
   CMB Polarization, and Gravity Waves from Inflation [LA]: Wei
   Galaxy Clusters as Cosmological Probes [CP]: Peron + Fontana
   25.11 seminar meeting 3
   The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect [CP]: Milanov + Schulz
   The Bullet Cluster [CP]: Grohnert + Herrero-Gomez
   02.12 seminar meeting 4
   Alternatives to a Cosmological Constant [LA]: Ramirez + Adeifeoba
   First Light & Cosmic Reionization [LA]: Euteneuer + C. Gieser
   09.12 seminar meeting 5
   The Lyman-alpha Forest & the Intergalactic Medium [CP]: Engeln + Zhao
   Galaxy Clustering and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations [LA]: Wolz + Lafferty
   13.01.17 seminar meeting 6
   The Growth of Supermassive Black Holes and Active Galactic Nuclei [CP]: Brinkmoeller+Kalambay
   Weak Gravitational Lensing [LA]: Krasowski + Neb


   Topics and procedure:

   Slides of the presentation on 21.10
   Doodle to choose the seminar topic (please fill by Tuesday 25.10)
   List of topics
   You should work in pairs and jointly present a topic. Each person should plan to speak for 25 minutes, plus 20 minutes in total for questions, so 25+25+20=1:10 hours. We will have two joint seminars per session, that is four students. After the Doodle is filled, we will define the calendar of the seminar. First come, first serve!
   You can meet us in our offices for discussion, advice etc on Fridays 2-4pm, but please contact us in advance: l.amendola at thphys.uni-heidelberg.de and christoph.pfrommer at h-its.org


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