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  General Relativity
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Summer Semester 2013

   The course is an introduction to General Relativity. Suggested prerequisites: Classical Mechanics; Electromagnetism (including Special Relativity, although we will review it in the first lectures).

   - Special Relativity
   - Vectors and tensors
   - Manifolds
   - The Energy Momentum tensor
   - Curvature
   - Equations of GR
   - Gravitational Waves
   - Schwarzschild solution and its generalizations
   - Cosmology

   NOTE: Course begins on April 15th, 2013
   VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Lecture hall has been changed from Monday 22.04 :
   Classes on Monday 09:15-11:00 and Wednesday 09:15-11:00 at INF 288/HS 1
   Exercise classes start from the week after the beginning of the course, at various locations/times. Register here

   Contact the tutor coordinator Dr. Ignacy Sawicki for any information related to exercises.
   The other tutors are: Alejandro Guarnizo-Trilleras, Andreas Finke, Camilla Penzo, Daniel Wiegand, Jamil Hetzel.

   15.05 No lecture today
   20.05 Holiday
   24.06 (lecture by I. Sawicki)

    CREDITS: 8

    Detailed program. We covered all of the textbook by Schutz, with the following exceptions (referring to the second edition): Section 5.5; p. 211-212 (An exact plane wave); p. 215-218 (A resonant detector); p. 233-237 (Exact solution of the wave eq.); p. 246-247 (GW from the big bang); p. 267-268 (Buchdahl's interior solution); p. 316-318 (The Penrose process); Sect. 11.5    

    During the course a few homework sheets will be handed out. Some of them will be graded and you have to pass a minimum threshold to be admitted to the written exam. The exact details will be communicated during the exercise classes.
    25.07.2013; 9:15-12am; Lecture theatre HS1 in INF 227 (KIP).
Rules for all the written exams: You can bring a single hand-written DIN A4 sheet of paper with all the formulae that you can fit in (both sides). No other material (books, tablets, pocket calculators etc) allowed. Bring a valid ID card.

    Here you can find last year midterm exam sheet. Notice that topics like gravitational waves, spherically symmetric solutions, cosmology were not included.

    Second date: September 16, gHS Philosophenweg 12, 9:15-12am. The rules of the first exam apply.

    You can choose the date you prefer and if you fail (or do not hand in) the earliest one you can try the second one (however notice that you cannot try the second one if you pass the first one.)
    NEW: Third date: October 24, nHS Philosophenweg 12, 9:15-12am. The rules of the first exam apply.

    NOTICE: You can choose the third date only if you do not hand in the test on the previous date. Moreover, you must register to the third exam by sending an e-mail to L. Amendola by October 13.

    Suggested texts:

    Lecture notes (these are just an outline of the course, no replacement for the textbooks)

    B. Schutz, A First Course in General Relativity, Cambridge University Press, Second Edition (the first one is fine as well)
    This is the basic textbook we use for this course. It is very clear and concise, with all the important derivations detailed out step-by-step.
    S. Carroll, Spacetime and geometry, An Introduction to General Relativity, Addison-Wesley (a shorter version of the book is available for free here.)
    This book contains lots of additional material. It is very well written, with many figures and several appendices exploring advanced material. I will use it mostly for some applications of Einstein equations and for exercises.
    Lecture notes by Prof. Bartelmann

    Problems (complete set)
   These are (some of) the exercises that will be assigned as homework and discussed in the exercise class.



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