Research areas of our working group at ITP

Exhaustive overview of our daily work (Girls' Day 2021)

Gravitational Lensing

  • Strong lensing by galaxy clusters
    • formation of arcs in galaxy clusters
    • statistics of arcs and cosmological implications
    • diagnostics of galaxy clusters using arcs
  • Weak lensing by galaxy clusters
    • detection of dark-matter halos using weak lensing
    • dependence of weak lensing on mass profiles
    • cosmological implications of weak lensing
    • statistics of weak-lensing effects
  • Strong lensing by galaxies
    • effects of spiral disks on multiple imaging

Galaxy Clusters

  • Hot gas in galaxy clusters
    • diagnostics of clusters from their X-ray emission
    • thermal and kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effects
    • joint cluster analyses using multi-band data
  • Magnetic fields in galaxy clusters
    • origin and evolution of cluster magnetic fields
    • non-thermal emission due to magnetic fields
    • Faraday rotation


  • Structure formation
    • non-equilibrium, microscopic, statistical field theory for classical particles
      [video abstract of the publication NJP 19 (2017) 083001]
      [video on kinetic field theory in cosmology, produced and hosted by Latest Thinking]
    • growth of dark-matter halos in different cosmological models
    • diagnostics for halo properties
  • Dark matter and dark energy
    • matter distribution in dark halos
    • implications of dark energy for structure growth
    • observational consequences of dark-energy models
  • Cosmic microwave background (CMB)
    • Gravitational lensing of the CMB
    • Secondary anisotropies and source detection
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