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Workshop on computer simulations of soft matter and biosystems


2007 Wed March 14 (2 pm) - Fri March 16 (12.30 pm)

Venue Changed

Kirchhoff Institute for Physics (KIP), Heidelberg University campus Im Neuenheimer Feld 227, Heidelberg, Germany (due to delays in the construction, the BIOQUANT building is not available for the workshop)


Ulrike Bischler, Volkswagen Foundation
Herta Fitzer, Heidelberg University
Jakob Schluttig, Heidelberg University
Ulrich Schwarz, Heidelberg University

Scientific Organizers

Francois Nedelec, EMBL Heidelberg
Karsten Rippe, KIP, Heidelberg University
Ulrich Schwarz, BIOMS, Heidelberg University
Jeremy C. Smith, IWR, Heidelberg University


This workshop is part of the first call of the funding initiative of the Volkswagen Foundation on New conceptional approaches to model and simulate complex systems, which was concerned with computer simulation of molecular and cellular biosystems as well as complex soft matter. It provides a forum for the funded projects to present their results, to discuss current issues of interests and to develop new perspectives for future research.


The Volkswagen Foundation will cover travel cost and accommodation of the project leaders and their coworkers within the funded projects. There are also a few additional places available for other students and researchers who would like to participate. From Wed noon to Fri noon there will be four sessions, each starting with an hour-long talk by a keynote speaker and followed by project-related talks of 30 min each. Posters will be under display over the whole course of the meeting. On Wed and Thu evenings we plan to have a poster session and a cultural event in the old city, respectively.

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