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 +Mini-course on massive gravity by Kurt Hinterbichler (Perimeter Institute):
 +Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from 14:15 to 15:45. (July 14-16, 2015)
 +The lectures will take place on Room 68 of Philosophenweg 12.
 +1)  Massive spin-1 warm up: proca lagrangian, hamiltonian, quantization, interactions, stuckelberg trick, decoupling limit.
 +     Massive spin-2: fierz pauli lagrangian, hamiltonian, quantization, interactions.
 +2)  Stuckelberg expansion of interactions, raising the cutoff, galileons in the decoupling limit.
 +3)  Re-summation and dRGT theory, vielbein formulation, absence of Boulware Deser ghost, bi-gravity and multi-gravity.

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