Gravity at the Largest Scales

October 26-28, 2015, Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg

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"Gravity at the Largest Scales" is a joint meeting of the cosmology groups from Heidelberg and Geneva.
The main topics are: models of dark energy and modified gravity, large-scale structure of the Universe, relativistic effects in galaxy clustering, analysis and forecasts of present and future cosmological datasets.

Dates: 26 (lunch time) to 28 (lunch time), October 2015.

Location: Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH)

Invited speakers:

Julien Lesgourgues (Aachen University) and Dominik Schwarz (Bielefeld University)


Please fill in the registration form on this page.
Registration deadline is October 4th, or up to maximum capacity of the seminar hall.
Priority will be given to members of Heidelberg and Geneva cosmology groups.
There is a fee of 80 euros, to be paid in cash upon arrival. The fee is waived for members of the cosmology groups of Geneva and Heidelberg.

Additional information:

There is a limited number of rooms available at IWH for accommodation. If you are interested in one of them, please state so on the registration form and we will try to book it for you; we will then send you a confirmation when the booking is done.

If you prefer to stay somewhere else or in case we will confirm that there will be no place available at IWH, you can then either proceed to arrange the hotel yourself or contact us to book a hotel through the Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Lunches will be provided at IWH for all participants. If you have any dietary requirements, please fill in the dedicated area on the registration form.

This meeting is supported by the mobility programme of Heidelberg University, funded by the excellence initiative phase 2, and by the TRR33 initiative

Organizing committee:
Yashar Akrami
Luca Amendola
Matteo Martinelli
Valeria Pettorino
Bjrn Malte Schfer
Tim Tugendhat

Institut fr Theoretische Physik