Quantum Optics


Thomas Gasenzer

Wednesday, 14:15-15:45, kHS Pw 12 [LSF]
Practice group: Fri, 14:15-15:00, SR A‹Str 3-5 (Please register here if you require a Schein.)

Attention! Last lecture on 20.07.2010, 09:15 hrs, SR Pw 16

Content - Prerequisites - Literature - Additional material

  • 1. Introduction
    - From Einstein to recent experimental highlights
  • 2. Semi-classical theory of light-matter interaction
    - Maxwell equations in free space - Hamiltonian formulation - Minimal coupling to charged particles - Dipolar approximation - Optical Bloch Equations - Spontaneously emitting two-level atom coupled to laser light
  • 3. Field quantisation and coherence
    - Mode expansion - Plane-wave expansion - Single-mode field quantisation - Coherent states - Theory of photodetection - First and second-order correlation functions - Hanbury Brown-Twiss experiments - Glauber's theory of coherence
  • 4. Quasi-Probability Distributions
    - Characteristic functions - Quasi-Probability distributions: Glauber-Sudarshan P-representation, Wigner function, Husimi Q-function - Examples for specific states - Generalized P-distributions: Complex, Positive P, and Glauber R-representations
  • 5. Linear optical elements
    - Loss-less beam splitter - Partition noise - Heterodyne detection - Mach-Zehnder Interferometer - Angular-momentum representation of linear elements
  • 6. Squeezed states
    - Squeezed vacuum state - Parametric down conversion - Bogoliubov transformation and two-mode squeezing - Nonlinear optics - Detection of squeezed states - Generation of squeezed states
  • 7. Open quantum systems
    - The Jaynes-Cummings model - Collapse and revival - Open quantum systems - Dissipation in classical systems - Master equation - Quantum Monte-Carlo algorithm

  • Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics III), Statistical Mechanics (Theor. Phys. IV)

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Additional material: