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Path Integrals in Quantum Physics

Thomas Gasenzer

Tuesday, 11-13, SR Phil 19, Start: 17 October 2006

  • Basics from quantum and classical mechanics (interference, uncertainty relation, Lagrangian and Hamilton-Jacobi theory, statistical mechanics, Brownian motion)
  • Introduction to path integrals (Feynman formula, classical limit, harmonic oscillator)
  • Special topics and applications in quantum mechanics (Perturbation theory, Feynman diagrams, WKB approximation, variational methods)
  • Functional integrals in quantum field theory (Quantum statistics of bosons and fermions, relativistic particles, many-body dynamics)

  • Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics III)
  • Statistical Mechanics (Theor. Phys. IV) would be helpful

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  • G. Roepstorff, "Pfadintegrale in der Quantenphysik", Vieweg, Braunschweig (1990).
  • W. Dittrich, M. Reuter, "Classical and Quantum Dynamics", Springer (1996)

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