Ultracold Fermi Gases


Thomas Gasenzer

Friday, 15:15-17:00, SR Pw 19 [LSF]

  • Ideal Fermi gases: uniform & trapped - The ideal Fermi gas - Fluctuations and coherence - Fermi gases in a trap
  • Two-body collisions
    - Low-energy scattering theory - Feshbach resonances - Bethe-Peierls model - Universality
  • Many-body theory of a two-component Fermi gas
    - Hamiltonian - Order parameter, BCS ansatz - Variational BCS solution - Diagonalization of the BCS Hamiltonian - BCS equations for a homogeneous gas - Energy gap - BCS limit - BEC limit - Unitarity limit
  • Dynamics and superfluidity
    - Time-dependent BCS theory - Correlation lengths - Hydrodynamic equations - Order Parameter and Gap - Superfluidity - Phonons vs. pair-breaking - Collective oscillations - Landau criterion - Dynamic and static structure factor - RF transitions
  • Rotating Fermi gases
    - Moments of inertia - Scissors mode - Quantized Vortices - Vortices in BCS theory

  • Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics III), Statistical Mechanics (Theor. Phys. IV) would be helpful

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