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Colleagues and present Students

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Former Ph.D. Students

Alexander Westphal
Felix Brümmer
Benedict von Harling
Andreas Braun
Mischa Gerstenlauer
Sebastian P Kraus

Former Diploma and Master Students

Bjorn Wonsak
Lily Schrempp
Robert Ziegler
Benedict von Harling
Christian Gross
Andreas Braun
Hagen Triendl
Sebastian Halter
Thomas Reichelt
Sebastian Gerigk
Rainer Ebert
Claudius Klare (external, worked with A. Zaffaroni)
Sebastian Kraus
Stephan Steinfurt (with T. Weigand)
Moritz Küntzler (with T. Weigand)
Konrad Heimpel (with T. Weigand)
Max Arends (with T. Weigand)
Christoph Schick (with T. Weigand)
Ingo Roth
Dominik Neuenfeld

Former Diploma students in our group
who worked with Stefan Groot Nibbelink:

Tae-Won Ha
Christian Viereck
Johannes Held
Fabian Rühle

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