Oberseminar "String Theory and Beyond the Standard Model"

Monday, 2:00 pm, seminar room in Philosophenweg 19, common lunch from 1:00 pm

Winter term 2019/20

14 Oct -- Vorbesprechung / Discussion of topics

23 Oct -- 12:00 pm -- Jonah Cedric Strauß: SYK and JT Gravity (Note unusual time and day!)

7 Nov -- Christian Reichelt: Swampland conjectures in F-theory (Note unusual day!)

11 Nov -- Ben Freivogel (Amsterdam): "The black hole information paradox has been (partly) resolved" (Journal-club-style presentation on recent work from Penington to Almhieri/Mahajan/Maldacena)

2 Dec -- Jonah Cedric Strauß: SYK and JT Gravity (Informal Repetition / Questions Session)

9 Dec -- Tristan Daus: Approximate Symmetries and Gravity (journal club on paper by Fichet/Saraswat)

16 Dec -- Andres Schachner (Cambridge): TBA

Summer term 2019

23 Apr -- Martin Cederwall (Goteborg): Pure spinors and supersymmetry (Note unusual day! Location: Hörsaal of Mathematicon - with Walcher's group.)

29 Apr -- Sascha Leonhardt: Two types of throat axions (journal club)

06 May -- Daniel Junghans: TBA (Cancelled -- new date to be announced later)

20 May -- Pablo Soler: KKLT Update (journal club)

7 Jun -- Torben Skrzypek: Quintessence in the Type IIB Landscape (journal club)

14 Jun -- Stefano Andriolo (Hong Kong): Compact G2 holonomy spaces from SU(3) structures

17 Jul -- 11:15 am: Michele Cicoli (Bologna): LVS models in a Nutsehll (Note unusual time and day)

30 Jul -- 12:00 am: Sascha Leonhardt: Two types of throat axions (continued) (Note unusual time and day)

Winter term 2018/19

22 Oct -- Sebastian Zell (LMU): Quantum breaking: general concept and application to de Sitter

29 Oct -- Vorbesprechung (Discussion of topics)

5 Nov -- Gary Shiu (Wisconsin): Swampland conjectures: evidences and applications

12 Nov -- Thomas Mikhail: Wormhole effects (journal-club)

19 Nov -- Christian Reichelt: Recent ideas in F-theory (journal club)

26 Nov -- Pablo Soler: Higgs mechanism in nonlocal field theories (journal club)

3 Dec -- Fengjun Xu: Generalized global symmetries (journal club)

10 Jan -- Manki Kim (Cornell): Monodromy charge in D7-brane inflation (Note unusual day! Location: Phil.weg 16.)

21 Jan -- Daniel Junghans: Weakly coupled de Sitter vacua with fluxes and the swampland (journal club)

11 Feb -- Jacob Sonnenschein (Tel Aviv): The HISH (Holography Inspired Stringy Hadron) model

Summer term 2018

16 Apr -- Viraf Metha: Journal Club on "Infinite Distances in Field Space..." by Palti et al. and "The Refined Swampland Distance Conjecture..." by Blumenhagen et al.

23 Apr -- Monica Jinwoo Kang (Harvard): Euler Characteristics and Anomaly Cancellation

30 Apr -- Viraf Metha: Journal Club (continued, see above)

28 Jun -- Christian Reichelt: F-theory GUTs

02 Jul -- Sascha Leonhardt: De Sitter and the Swampland (recent papers by Vafa et al.)

16 Jul -- Michael Gutperle (UCLA): Holographic Description of 5d CFTs

Winter term 2017/18

17 Oct -- James Unwin (Illinois U., Chicago): Resolving the Core-Cusp Problem via Fermi Repulsion (Note unusual day!)

23 Oct -- William Cottrell (Amsterdam): Complexity is simple

27 Nov -- Miguel Montero (Utrecht): Swampland Conjectures and Holography

22 Jan -- Sascha Leonhardt / Andreas Schachner: Journal Club on "Moduli Stabilization at the Conifold" by Blumenhagen et al.

29 Jan -- Philipp Henkenjohann: Flat Monodromies and a Moduli Space Size Conjecture

20 Feb -- Fabrizio Rompineve: Cosmological Aspects of Axionic String-Wall Networks (Note unusual day and unusual location: Seminar room of Phil.weg 16)

19 Mar -- Craig Lawrie: Journal Club on the "Geometric Classification of 5d SCFTs" by Jefferson/Katz/Kim/Vafa

23 Mar -- Alex Cole (Madison): Gravitational decoupling and the Picard-Lefschetz approach (Note unusual day!)

Summer term 2017

03 April -- Lukas Witkowski (Paris): Holographic Renormalization

02 May -- Anupam Mazumdar (Groningen): Ghost Free Infinite Derivative Theories of Gravity

08 May -- Eran Palti: Progress with the Weak Gravity Conjecture

15 May -- Fabian Ruehle (Oxford): Hidden Sectors and the Dark Glueball Problem

22 May -- Gianmassimo Tasinato (Swansea): Breaking space-time symmetries during inflation

26 June -- Craig Lawrie: F-theory and AdS3/CFT2

17 July -- Christof Wetterich: Graviton fluctuations erase the cosmological constant (Joint seminar with J. Jaeckel's group)

Winter term 2016/17

30 August -- Ippei Obata (Kyoto): Primordial Gravitational Waves from Axionic Inflation with Gauge Fields

29 September -- Roberto Valandro (Trieste): T-branes and 3d mirror symmetry

17 October -- Discussion of topics for the term ("Vorbesprechung")

7 November -- Marco Scalisi (DESY): Inflationary Attractors vs Moduli and Corrections

29 November -- Pablo Soler: Weak Gravity Conjecture and Black Holes

6 December -- John Stout (Cornell): Runaway Relaxion Monodromy

20 December -- Eran Palti: Entanglement Entropy and Gravity (Journal club talk)

23 January -- David Erkinger (Vienna): Boundaries in 2D Supersymmetric Theories

Summer term 2016

21 March -- 16:15 pm: Pablo Soler (Madison): Black Holes and the Weak Gravity Conjecture

02 May -- Seung-Joo Lee (Virginia Tech): Witten Index for Noncompact Dynamics (Joint Seminar with J. Walcher's group - unusual place: MATHEMATIKON SR 3)

09 May -- Christoph Mayrhofer (LMU): Heterotic T-fects, 6D SCFTs, and F-Theory

17 May -- Malte Probst (ITP/London City College): Yang-Mills Theory and the ABC Conjecture (Note unusual day!)

23 May -- Martin Bauer (ITP): The 750 GeV Resonance from Extra Dimensions

30 May -- Irene Valenzuela (MPI Munich): The DBI Action, Higher-derivative Supergravity, and Flattening Inflaton Potentials

07 June -- Martin Winkler: 750 GeV Diphotons and Supersymmetric Grand Unification (Note unusual day!)

27 June -- Michael Gutperle (UCLA): Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Defects (Special `Teilchentee')

04 July -- Kohei Kamada (Arizona State Univ.): Cosmological Magnetic Fields and Baryogenesis without BSM?

11 July -- Fabrizio Rompineve: Gravitational Waves from Axion Monodromy

18 July -- Hagen Triendl (CERN): Supersymmetric brane field theories on curved background

Winter term 2015/16

05 Oct -- Roberto Valandro (Trieste): De Sitter minima in type IIB flux compactifications

12 Oct -- Andreas Kapfer (MPI, Munich): The Arithmetic of Elliptic Fibrations in F-theory

20 Oct -- Thomas Reichelt (Heidelberg): Introduction to Semi-Infinite Hodge Structures (INF 227, 1.104 - joint seminar with group of J. Walcher)

09 Nov -- Albrecht Klemm (Bonn): Elliptically fibred Calabi-Yau manifolds and Weak Jacobi forms

07 Dec -- Craig Lawrie: F-Theory: GUTs, U(1)s and all that

11 Jan -- Eran Palti: 750 GeV Diphotons and Vector-Like Exotics in F-Theory

18 Jan -- no seminar (HGSFP Winter School Obergurgl)

25 Jan -- Penka Georgieva (Jussieu): Real Gromov-Witten Theory (INF 288 HS 6 - joint seminar with group of J. Walcher)

01 Feb -- Timo Weigand: F-theory and 2d (0,2) Theories

Summer term 2015

20 Apr -- Vorbesprechung (Discussion of topics)

27 Apr -- Ling Lin: Black hole information paradox

04 May -- Lukas Witkowski: Weak gravity conjecture

12 May -- Tim Wrase (Wien): Axion Monodromy Inflation (Phil.weg 12, room 56, note unusual day)

15 Jun -- Stefan Theisen (AEI, Potsdam/Golm): Partition Functions and Anomalies

07 Jul -- Andreas Braun (Oxford): Constructing G2 Manifolds (Phil.weg 19, note unusual day)

20 Jul -- Phillipp Henkenjohann (Bielefeld): Maximal Temperature after Inflation (Phil.weg 19)

22 Jul -- Hans Jockers (Bonn): 2d Gauge theory dynamics for a pair of Calabi-Yau threefolds (Note unusual day!)

Winter term 2014/15

29 Sep -- Alex Spencer-Smith (Sydney): Higgs Vacuum Stability in a Mass-Dependent Renormalisation Scheme and Implications for Inflation and New Physics

27 Oct -- Daniel Priens (Lyon): Type IIA & M-theory flux vacua on manifolds with SU(4)-structure

17 Nov -- Edward Shuryak (Stony Brook): Acoustic cascade in cosmological phase transition (Common seminar with Cosmology group)

24 Nov -- Xavier Calmet (Sussex): CANCELLED!

11 Dec -- 11:00 am, Phil.weg 19: Emilian Dudas (Paris): Aspects of inflation in supergravity and string theory

12 Jan -- Erik Plauschinn (Padua): On large-field inflation and moduli stabilization in string theory

23 March -- Jose Francisco Morales (Rome): G-theory

Summer term 2014

12 May -- Thomas C. Bachlechner (Cornell): On Gaussian Random Supergravity

26 Jun -- Dmitri Kharzeev (Brookhaven and Stony Brook): TBA (Special Teilchentee)

21 Jul -- Eric Sharpe (Virginia Tech): TBA

Winter term 2013/14

26 Aug -- Benedikt Herwerth (Munich): Holographic Superconductors with Broken Translational Symmetry

19 Sep -- 2:15 pm, Phil.weg 19: Max Kerstan: Abelian Gauge symmetries nad fluxed instantons in compactifications of Type IIB/F-theory

07 Oct -- Roberto Valandro (Trieste): Progress on G-flux in F-theory

21 Oct -- Mikel Berasaluce (Autonoma Madrid): Discrete Symmetries in String Theory

18 Nov -- Viraf Mehta (Liverpool): Exploring Light U(1)s in Heterotic String Models

25 Nov -- Federico Bonetti (MPI Munich): F-theory on Spin(7) manifolds: realization via M-theory and weak-coupling limit

09 Dec -- 2:15 pm -- Johannes Walcher (McGill Univ.): Mirror symmetry at the math-physics interface (Common seminar with Math.Dept. at the Mathematisches Institut, HS 2)

13 Jan -- Diederik Roest (Groningen): Universality and attractors in inflation

06 Feb -- 1:15 pm (Thu) -- Don Zagier (Bonn): Multiple zeta values and string amplitudes (lunch talk at Mathematisches Institut, HS1)

06 Feb -- 5:15 pm (Thu) -- Don Zagier (Bonn): Modular forms, finite groups, and physics (Joint Math Phys Colloquium at Mathematische Institut, HS2)

Summer term 2013

11 Mar -- Lukas Witkowski (Oxford): Moduli-stabilisation and SUSY breaking: de- vs. re-coupling

25 Mar -- Roberto Valandro (Hamburg): D-branes at singularities: global embedding and transitions among quivers

04 Apr -- Patrick Mangat (Cambridge): AdS/CFT and holographic superconductors

12 Apr -- Julian Stöckel (Karlsruhe): GUTs and Flavor

15 Apr -- Vorbesprechung (Discussion of topics)

18 Apr -- Marcos Marino (Geneva): Quantum theory and enumerative problems

23 Apr -- Thomas Van Riet (Leuven): Issues with anti-brane uplifting

29 Apr -- Raffaele Savelli (Munich, MPI): On quantum corrected Kahler potentials in F-theory

06 May -- Benedict von Harling (SISSA): The Scale-Invariant NMSSM and the 126 GeV Higgs Boson

21 May -- Marcus Sperling (Dresden): Renormalization of vacuum expectation values in spontaneously broken gauge theories

29 May -- Simone Dresti (Geneva): Renormalization of Composite Operators in time-dependent Backgrounds

10 Jun -- Nuno Miguel Romao (Bonn): Supersymmetric quantum mechanics on vortex moduli spaces

24 Jun -- Jan Borchmann: Tops and U(1) symmetries

12 Jul -- Magnus Engenhorst (Freiburg): Stability conditions and mutations of quivers with potential

Winter term 2012/13

20 Sep -- Matthew Kleban (New York Univ.): Unwinding Inflation

22 Oct -- Claudius Klare (Milano): Supersymmetry on Curved Spaces and Holography

29 Oct -- Markus Rummel (DESY): De Sitter vacua in type IIB string theory/F-theory by Kähler uplifting

14 Nov -- Mark Goodsell (Paris): WISPs from strings

19 Nov -- Daniel Roggenkamp: Defect Lines in Toroidal CFTs

29 Nov -- Andre Lukas (Oxford): The Standard Model from String Theory: A Challenge in Physics and Mathematics

30 Nov -- Ilka Brunner (Munich): Defects in 2-dimensional conformal field theories

14 Jan -- James Unwin (Oxford and Heidelberg): High-Scale SUSY

21 Jan -- Jens-Daniel Debus (ETH Zurich): Instabilities of Spinning Strings

Summer term 2012

25 Apr -- Ilarion Melnikov (AEI, Golm): N=2 heterotic flux vacua and their type II duals

02 May -- Angnis-Schimdt-May (Stockholm University): Consistent Theories of Massive Spin-2 Fields

14 May -- Journal Club (Arthur Hebecker on recent papers by Sumitomo/Tye and Rummel/Westphal)

16 May -- Tilman Plehn: Higgs Observables -- informal discussion of recent results (Joint seminar with Pheno Group)

21 May -- Ling Lin: Holographic principle and its application to strongly coupled plasmas

31 May -- Katrin Wendland (Freiburg): Von Singularitätentheorie zur topologischen Quantenfeldtheorie (Joint colloquium with Math Department)

04 Jun -- Harald Skarke (TU Wien): Reflexive Gorenstein Cones and their Classification

08 Jun -- Eric Sharpe (Virginia Tech.): Quantization of Fayet-Iliopoulos parameters in supergravity

13 Jul -- Fabio Apruzzi (Milano): Classification of AdS7 x M3 supersymmetric vacua in type II supergravity

13 Jul -- Shanta de Alwis (Colorado): Some issues in supersymmetry breaking and mediation

Winter term 2011/12

04 Oct -- Roberto Valandro (DESY): Singular CY 4folds, G-flux and Chirality

17 Oct -- Hagen Triendl (Saclay): Generalized Type IIA Orientifolds from M-Theory

24 Oct -- Christoph Mayrhofer: Moduli Stabilisation for Chiral Global Models

07 Nov -- Hans Jockers (Bonn): N=1 Mirror symmetry

14 Nov -- Katharina Huebner: E3 brane instantons in type IIB and F-theory

21 Nov -- Claudius Klare (Milano): Recent results in supersymmetric 3d field theories and AdS_4/CFT_3

24 Nov -- Viktor Batyrev (Tübingen): Nichtarchimedische Integration und Singularitäten (Joint colloquium with Math Department)

28 Nov -- Joint seminar with MPIK at MPIK

06 Dec -- Timo Weigand: F-theory - towards uncovering the physics of elliptic Calabi-Yau fourfolds (Joint seminar with Math Department)

12 Dec -- Thomas Grimm (MPI München): F-theory effective actions in the loop

19 Dec -- Nils-Ole Walliser (TU Wien): Restrictions on infinite sequences of type IIB vacua

30 Jan -- Murad Alim (Harvard): BPS Quivers

16 Feb -- Sven Krause: F-theory compactifications with fluxes

Summer term 2011

18 Apr -- Simona Murgia (Stanford): Dark Matter with Fermi-LAT

27 Apr -- Xavier Bekaert (Tours): Polyakov-Klabanov AdS/O(N) Correspondence

02 May -- Alexander Knochel: (informal and brief, journal-club-style introduction to) Technicolor

09 May -- Felix Brümmer (DESY): Light Higgsinos as Heralds of Higher-Dimensional Unification

23 May -- Michele Cicoli (DESY): Testing string vacua in the lab: large extra dimensions, LHC strings and hidden photons

06 Jun -- James Gray (LMU): Gauge bundle constructions for model building and moduli stabilisation in heterotic M-theory

08 Jun -- Tilman Plehn: (informal discussion of) Tevatron Wjj Anomaly

15 Jun -- Johanna Knapp (TU Wien / IPMU Tokyo): Calabi-Yaus, F-theory, Toric Geometry and beyond

11 Jul -- Larissa Lorentz (Louvain): Stochastic Inflation in Compact Extra Dimensions

12 Jul -- Daniel Roggenkamp (Rutgers): Defect Lines in Conformal Field Theories and Applications

14 Jul -- Larissa Lorentz (Louvain): Informal discussion on cosmic strings

18 Jul -- Michael Gutperle (UCLA): Higher Spin Black Holes

25 Jul -- Andreas Braun (TU Wien): An explicit construction of G4 Fluxes in F-Theory

Winter term 2010/11

18 Oct -- Sven Krause, Max Kerstan (Heidelberg): Non-commutative Geometry

20 Oct -- Gianmassimo Tasinato (Heidelberg): Non-standard primordial fluctuations and non-gaussianity in Large Volume inflation

02 Nov -- Keiichi Akama (Saitama): General solution for braneworld dynamics under the Schwarzschild Ansatz

08 Nov -- Erik Plauschinn (Utrecht): Nonassociative Gravity in String Theory

15 Nov -- Eran Palti (Ecole Polytechnique): Phenomenology of local F-theory GUTs

22 Nov -- Alexander Knochel (Heidelberg): Distinguishing warped from 4D supersymmetry

29 Nov -- Mischa Gerstenlauer (Heidelberg): Inflationary Infrared Divergences

06 Dez -- Maximilian Schmidt-Sommerfeld (CERN): High energy gravitational scattering as an approach to the information problem

07 Dec -- Felix Brümmer (DESY): Metastable Supersymmetry Breaking without Scales

09 Dec -- Dieter Lüst (Munich): Non-Commutative Closed String Geometry

13 Dec -- Mischa Gerstenlauer (Heidelberg): Inflationary Infrared Divergences (continued)

20 Dez -- Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo): Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete in the same way that information can be

24 Jan -- Robert Richter (Tor Vergata, Roma)

07 Feb -- Antonio Enrique Carcamo Hernandez (Pisa): Composite Vectors and Scalars in Theories of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

14 Feb -- Yuko Urakawa (Wasada Univ.): Implications of infrared divergence problem on primordial non-Gaussianities

Summer term 2010

26 Apr -- Arthur Hebecker (Heidelberg): Precision gauge coupling unification I

03 May -- Ivan Donkin (Heidelberg): Precision gauge coupling unification II

05 May -- Alexander Knochel (Freiburg): Exceptional Unification and Light Exotics in D >=4

10 May -- Sven Krippendorf (Cambridge): Phenomenology of Branes at Toric Singularities

18 May -- Max Kerstan (Heidelberg): D6-brane effective actions in Type IIA orientifolds

31 May -- Andres Collinucci (LMU Munich): Instantons in F-theory

07 Jun -- Nick Setzer (Melbourne): AMSB does not UV insensitize

14 Jun -- Timo Weigand (Heidelberg): Non-perturbative couplings from D-brane instantons

21 Jun -- Sven Krause (Heidelberg): F-theory GUTs and toric geometry

28 Jun -- Sebastian Kraus & Stephan Steinfurt (Heidelberg): Introduction to AdS/CFT

05 Jul -- No seminar due to String Phenomenology, Paris

12 Jul -- Sergej Moroz: AdS/CMT

26 Jul -- Claudius Klare (Heidelberg and Mailand): Massive type IIA backgrounds from the AdS4/CFT3 correspondence

29 Jul -- Christoph Mayrhofer (Wien): Toric Construction of SO(10) GUT models in F-theory

08 Sep -- Kin-ya Oda (Osaka): Universal Extra Dimensions of the (Projective) Sphere

22 Sep -- Ling Lin/Christian Pehle (Heidelberg): Moduli Space of Calabi-Yaus - 3-Folds vs. 4-Folds

28 Sep -- Sergej Ketov: Recent Progress in F(R) Supergravity

Sommer term 2009

23 Mar -- Filipe Paccetti Correia (Porto): Stable de Sitter Vacua in Heterotic M-Theory

30 Mar -- Pierfrancesco Rosini (Lausanne): Quantum Entanglement through Noise-- (common seminar with Tilman Plehn's phenomenology group)

06 Apr -- Sebastian Halter: Tachyons in Throat Cosmology

07 May -- Achim Kempf (Waterloo): Reconciling Spacetime Continuity and Discreteness using Tools from Information Theory

11 May -- Luca Martucci (LMU): On moduli and effective theory of N=1 warped compactifications

13 May -- Benedict von Harling (Melbourne): A warped model of dark matter

20 May -- Ivan Donkin: Strongly Coupled Grand Unification I

08 Jun -- Maximilian Kreuzer (Vienna): Exploring the Geometry of Hidden Dimensions

10 Jun -- Ivan Donkin: Strongly Coupled Grand Unification II

29 Jun -- Florian Gmeiner (NIKHEF): Towards the Standard Model in the type IIA Landscape

29 Jul -- Fabian Rühle: Connecting Orbifolds to Calabi-Yau MSSMs in blowup

Winter term 2008/09

23 Sep -- Giuseppe Milanesi (Barcelona): Bagger-Lambert Theory (Lecture I)

24 Sep -- Giuseppe Milanesi (Barcelona): Bagger-Lambert Theory (Lecture II)

29 Sep -- Takayuki Hirayama (Taiwan, Natl. U.): Quark Mass Deformation of Holographic Massless QCD

30 Sep -- Michael Gutperle (UCLA): 1/2 BPS solutions in IIB and M theory

06 Oct -- Stefan Groot Nibbelink: Model building from Eguchi-Hanson

20 Oct -- Alberto Romagnoni (Ecole Polytechnique): Gauge vs. Gravity mediation in models with anomalous U(1)'s

27 Oct -- Andy O'Bannon (Munich, MPI): Metallic AdS/CFT

03 Nov -- Patrick Vaudrevange (LMU): MSSM vacua in the heterotic mini-landscape

04 Nov -- 16:15 Johannes Held / 17:15 Fabian Ruehle: Heterotic Z_{6-II} Orbifold in Blowup

11 Nov -- Satoru Kaneko (Valencia): Supersymmetric seesaw type-II: LHC and lepton flavour violating phenomenology

17 Nov -- Sylvain Fichet (Grenoble): From GUT to EW scale : How to compute a SUSY mass spectrum

19 Nov -- Alexander Westphal (Stanford): Monodromy in the CMB, 15:15 Discussion of Monodromy Inflation in an informal blackboard seminar

15 Dec -- Sakura Schäfer-Nameki (Caltech): Interfacing Gauge and String Theory

16 Jan -- Hagen Triendl (Univ. Hamburg): Generalized Geometry

26 Jan -- Andreas Braun: Orientifold Moduli Space from Cycles of 3-Folds and 4-Folds

Summer term 2008

14 Apr -- Rolf Kappl (DESY): The Fayet-Iliopoulos D-term in heterotic string theory

28 Apr -- A. Hebecker: GUTs and Exceptional Branes in F-Theory (journal-club-style discussion of paper by Beasley, Heckman and Vafa)

08 May -- R. Valandro: GUTs and Exceptional Branes in F-Theory - continuation

06 Jun -- A. Klemm (Bonn): Topological String Theory and its Mathematical Applications (HS1 of the Math. Inst.)

30 Jun -- A. Braun: Tadpoles, Sheaves and Branes

14 Jul -- G. v. Gersdorff (CERN): One Loop Effective Action on Orbifolds

27 Aug -- K. Schmidt-Hoberg (Munich, TU): Small Extra Dimensions from the Interplay of Gauge and Supersymmetry Breaking

Winter term 2007/08

22 Oct -- H. Triendl: Counting the Degrees of Freedom of Moving D-Branes

29 Oct -- R. Valandro: Continued Discussion of 5d and Stringy Warped Models

26 Nov -- Ch. Uhlemann (Würzburg): Narrow-width approximation in the MSSM

03 Dec -- M. Schmidt: M Theory and 5-Dimensional Supergravity

10 Dec -- Ch. Viereck: MHV Amplitudes and Applications of Twistor Methods

21 Dec -- S. Groot Nibbelink: From Orbifold Resolutions to Model Building

07 Jan -- M. Schmidt: M Theory and 5-Dimensional Supergravity (continued)

14 Jan -- M. Banagl (Heidelberg, Math. Inst.): Intersection Homology

21 Jan -- Kang-Sin Choi (Bonn): Higher order couplings from heterotic orbifold

23 Jan -- M. Olechowski (Warsaw): k-stabilization in brane models

04 Feb -- F. Paccetti Correia (Porto): Towards moduli stabilization in Heterotic M-theory

06 Feb -- V.V. Khoze (Durham): Aspects of Seiberg Duality and its Applications

11 Feb -- E. Scheidegger (Augsburg): TBA

Summer term 2007

23 Apr -- B. Dobrescu (Fermilab): Standard Model in 6 Dimensions

30 Apr -- T. Noguchi: Energy Transfer between throats I

04 May -- A. Micu (Bonn): Heterotic-type IIA duality with fluxes and application to moduli stabilization -- together with Worldline seminar

07 May -- B. v. Harling: Energy Transfer between throats II

14 May -- A. Braun: F-Theory and D7-Brane Dynamics I

21 May -- H. Triendl: F-Theory and D7-Brane Dynamics II

18 Jun -- T.-W. Ha: Toric Geometry and Orbifolds

25 Jun -- Ch. Viereck: Computer-Aided Evaluation of Supergraphs

02 Jul -- W. Lerche (CERN): Dualities in String Theory I

04 Jul -- W. Lerche (CERN): Dualities in String Theory II

05 Jul -- W. Lerche (CERN): Dualities in String Theory III

23 Jul -- C. Lüdeling: Local SU(5) Unification from the Heterotic String

Winter term 2006/07

16 Oct -- A. Hebecker: The Ubiquitous Throat

23 Oct -- S. Groot Nibbelink: Supersymmetric Lorentz Violation (continued)

06 Nov -- T.S. Nyawelo (Trieste): Two Loop Effective Kahler Potential

13 Nov -- A. Braun: Flux Stabilization in 6 Dimensions

27 Nov -- T. Dent: Varying Constants

11 Dec -- C. Lüdeling: More on 6d Supergravity Models

18 Dec -- S. Wiesenfeldt (Urbana-Champaign): SO(10) Grand Unification in 6 Dimensions

15 Jan -- F. Paccetti Correia (Porto Univ.): On a Class of 4D Kahler Bases and AdS(5) Supersymmetric Black Holes

29 Jan -- S. Groot Nibbelink: Resolution of Orbifold Singularities

05 Feb -- F. Brümmer: The ISS (Intriligator-Seiberg-Shih) Model and Related Ideas

12 Feb -- S. Groot Nibbelink: Resolution of Orbifold Singularities (continued)

27 Feb -- A. Westphal (Trieste): De Sitter String Vacua from Kähler Uplifting

Summer term 2006

24 Apr -- O. Lebedev (Bonn): The Supersymmetric Standard Model from Strings

15 May -- C. Groß: Stabilizing Supersymmetric Orbifold Models

22 May -- M. Ratz (Bonn): De Sitter Vacua from Matter Superpotentials

12 Jun -- A. Braun: Moduli Stabilization in 6D Supergravity with Flux

19 Jun -- A. Hebecker: SUSY breaking mediation by throat fields

03 Jul -- Kiwoon Choi (KAIST): TeV scale mirage mediation and the little SUSY hierarchy problem

10 Jul -- Matthias Gaberdiel (ETH Zurich): D-branes and matrix factorisations

19 Jul -- Anthony Zee (Santa Barbara): Some attempts to understand the neutrino mixing matrix

24 Jul -- S. Nandi (Oklahoma): Unification of Gauge and Higgs Couplings in Extra Dimensions

Winter term 2005/06

05 Oct -- A. Demaria (Melbourne): The Clash of Symmetries

17 Oct -- A. Hebecker: Randall-Sundrum Model and Klebanov-Strassler Throats (I)

24 Oct -- F. Brümmer: Randall-Sundrum Model and Klebanov-Strassler Throats (II)

31 Oct -- B. v. Harling: Unification with flipped SU(5)

07 Nov -- T. Noguchi: More on Intersecting Brane Models

14 Nov -- T. Dent: Fluxes in Type IIA Models

21 Nov -- S.M. Kuzenko (Univ. of Western Australia): Covariant Supergraphs I

25 Nov -- Kuzenko: Covariant Supergraphs II

28 Nov -- Kuzenko: Covariant Supergraphs III

05 Dec -- N. Borodatchenkova (Bonn): Probing MeV Dark Matter at Colliders

12 Dec -- M. Neubert: Heavy Quarks and New Physics I

19 Dec -- R. Ziegler: SUSY Breaking and Super-Yang-Mills Theories in 5 Dimensions

09 Jan -- A. Hebecker: Cosmological Constant in String Theory and Supergravity

16 Jan -- M. Neubert: Heavy Quarks and New Physics II

23 Jan -- M. Rocek (SUNY, Stony Brook): The c-Map in Superspace

30 Jan -- N. Scheithauer (Mathematisches Inst.): Lie Algebras, Automorphic Forms and Strings

06 Feb -- C. Luhn (Bonn): What is the Discrete Gauge Symmetry of the MSSM?

13 Feb -- M. Trapletti: T Duality and Fluxes

Summer term 2005

11 Apr -- A. Westphal: Inflation in String Theory

18 Apr -- A. Hebecker: Radius Stabilization by Casimir Energy

25 Apr -- F. Brümmer: Geometrical Meaning of Anomalies

02 May -- E. Trincherini: Conference Highlights of "Cosmic Connections 2005"

09 May -- F. Brümmer: Geometrical Meaning of Anomalies (continued)

23 May -- J. Jäckel (DESY, Hamburg): Dark Energy at Colliders

30 May -- R. Hofmann (Frankfurt): Asymptotic Freedom and Compositeness

06 Jun -- C. Ewerz (Milano): Mirror Matter

20 Jun -- Kin-ya Oda (Bonn): Dynamical (Higgsless) symmetry breaking in warped space

27 Jun -- A. Hebecker: Some Highlights of "String Phenomenology 2005"

Winter term 2004/05

20 Oct -- A. Hebecker: 3 families from 10 dimensions

03 Nov -- M. Doran: Vacuum selection, anthropic principle, and all that

10 Nov -- F. Brümmer: World lines on orbifolds

17 Nov -- M. Olechowsky: SUSY breaking with fluxes (continued)

01 Dec -- B. Garbrecht: Coherent baryogenesis

08 Dec -- J. Jäckel: Models without fundamental Higgs

15 Dec -- A. Hebecker: Some supergravity preliminaries to KKLT

12 Jan -- S. Groot Nibbelink: Chiral gravity as a covariant formulation of massive gravity

19 Jan -- A. Westphal: Hierarchies and Fluxes in String Compactifications

26 Jan -- H. Gies: UV fixed point in gravity

03 Feb -- E. Trincherini: SUSY breaking in higher dimensions - more details