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Andreas Mielke, Jacob Fronk: Localised pair formation in bosonic flat-band Hubbard models
preprint, (2020) .

Archiv: arXiv:2008.01756


Using a generalised version of Gershgorin's circle theorem, rigorous boundaries on the energies of the lowest states of a broad class of line graphs above a critical filling are derived for hardcore bosonic systems. Also a lower boundary on the energy gap towards the next lowest states is established. Additionally, it is shown that the corresponding eigenstates are dominated by a subspace spanned by states containing a compactly localised pair and a lower boundary for the overlap is derived as well. Overall, this strongly suggests localised pair formationin the ground states of the broad class of line graphs and rigorously proves it for some of the graphs in it, including the inhomogeneous chequerboard chain as well as two novel examples of regular two dimensional graphs.


author="Andreas Mielke, Jacob Fronk",
title="Localised pair formation in bosonic flat-band Hubbard models",

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