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Andreas Mielke
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Stefan Kehrein, Andreas Mielke: Flow equations for the Anderson Hamiltonian
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen.27, 4259-4279, corrigendum 5705 (1994) .

Archiv: cond-mat/9405034


Using a continuous unitary transformation recently proposed by Wegner together with an approximation that neglects irrelevant contributions, we obtain flow equations for Hamiltonians. These flow equations finally yield a diagonal or almost diagonal Hamiltonian. As an example we investigate the Anderson Hamiltonian for dilute magnetic alloys. We study the different fixed points of the flow equations and the corresponding relevant, marginal or irrelevant contributions. Our results are comparable to results obtained with a numerical renormalization group method, but our approach is considerably simpler.


author="Stefan Kehrein, Andreas Mielke",
title="Flow equations for the Anderson Hamiltonian",
journal="J. Phys. A: Math. Gen.",
pages="4259-4279, corrigendum 5705",

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