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Andreas Mielke
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Ruprecht-Karls Universität
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Andreas Mielke: Elements for Response Time Statistics in ERP Transaction Systems
Performance Evaluation 63, 635-653 (2006) .

Archiv: cs/0404035


The aim of this work is to provide some insight into the response-time statistics of enterprise resource planning systems. We propose a simple mean-field model for the response-time distribution in such systems. This model yields a log-normal distribution of response-times. We present data from performance measurements to support the result. The data show that the response-time distribution of a given transaction in a given system is generically a log-normal distribution or, in some situations, a sum of two or more log-normal distributions. Deviations of the log-normal form can often be traced back to performance problems in the system. Consequences for the interpretation of response-time data and for service level agreements are discussed.


author="Andreas Mielke",
title="Elements for Response Time Statistics in ERP Transaction Systems",
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