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Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2021

Seminar: Statistical Physics

Date and Location:

Webex (Philosophenweg 19, SR)

Friday, 14-16

Due to Covid-19 the seminar is held online via the web conference tool Webex at the same time as announced in LSF, Friday 14-16. The seminar starts at Friday April, 16. If you want to join, please send me an email. Please register online on the uebungen portal.

If you registered and not received an invitation for Webex after Easter, please send me an email.


The main part of this seminar will deal with strongly correlated systems and phase transitions.

The seminar will be held in English

Each talk shall be hold by one or preferably two students. The total time of a talk is 90 minutes, but we need time for questions, discussions, etc.. Therefore, please prepare the talk for 60 minutes.

For each talk, a tutor will be available.

You may use the whatever means of presentation may be suitable. Please prepare a summary of your talk, three to four pages, for the other participants, where you mention as well the literature you used.

Please provide, if possible, the mathematical background of your talk. Often in statistical physics proofs for certain statements are known. You should present the theorem and its preconditions. You may sketch the proof if this is important and understandable for the participants.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of the topics. You may also propose a topic you like to present that is not on this list, I will put it on the list if it fits.

The topics are in most cases too large for a 60 minutes talk, therefore feel free to specialise to a certain subtopic you are interested in. Its your talk, therefore you are setting the focus.

If you have questions, just send me an email.

Here is a preliminary list of topics, details and literature to the topics can be found here (still preliminary)

  • Ising model and renormalisation.
  • Quantum Spin Systems, Heisenberg model
  • Hubbard model
  • Mermin-Wagner Theorem
  • Kosterlitz-Thouless transition
  • Bose-Einstein condensation.
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations.
  • Boltzmann equation, H-Theorem.
  • Arrow of Time
  • Stochastic systems, esp. in Biology.
  • Stochastic systems, esp. in environmental Physics.
  • Self organisation, pattern formation.

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