Ultra-Mini Workshops on LHC Phenomenology

Higgs Physics between Experiment and Theory

Universität Heidelberg - April 22 to April 24, 2015

The LHC phenomenology group of Universität Heidelberg is organizing a mini-workshop dedicated to the communication of Higgs results between theory and experiment. This includes in particular theory-experimental projects, but also unfolding information or error treatment. The workshop should trigger scientific exchange on all levels of seniority - from established faculty members to postdocs and graduate students.

The idea is simple: we lock up a small number of bright people who are interested in the topic - and young enough to code things - in a room for a few days. We hope that by the time we open the door in the evening and head out to the pub many cool ideas will have emerged and been discussed. The room we have in mind this time is the seminar room in the ITP, Philosophenweg 16. Higgs phenomenology is a pressing and exciting topic with groups scattered around the world, let's establish new links and life-long friendships.

We should also acknowledge that the idea of ultra-minis has been stolen from Graham Kribs in Oregon. We also admit that this workshop has grown a little from an ultra-mini workshop to a mini workshop

Rough schedule:
- Start after lunch on Wednesday at 2 o'clock, so people can travel in the morning. Whoever arrives on time for lunch can join us for a walk along the Philosophenweg (provided the weather is good).
- Wednesday afternoon every theory tool gets 30 minutes to present what they are or will be using from the experiments with plenty of time for discussions in between, if required.
- Thursday morning every experimentalist is welcome to give a brief talk on ideas.
- Thursday afternoon we hang out together and argue, drink coffee, later wine.
- Friday morning maybe we can have some talks or targeted discussions on what people think makes sense or does not after sleeping over it.
- Friday afternoon we either go home or hang out in Heidelberg some more.

The confirmed participants for this Heidelberg workshop are:
Philip Bechtle (Bonn) - ATLAS/HiggsSignals
Florian Bernlochner (Bonn) - ATLAS
Jérémy Bernon (Grenoble) - Lilith
Anja Butter (Heidelberg) - SFitter
Michael Dührssen (CERN) - ATLAS
Béranger Dumont (Daejeon) - Lilith
Monica Dunford (Heidelberg) - ATLAS/unfolding
Juan Gonzales-Fraile (Heidelberg) - Spanish-US EFT fit
Alberto Guffanti (Copenhagen) - theory uncertainties
Sven Heinemeyer (Santander) - MasterCode/FeynHiggs
Marcus Klute (MIT) - CMS/SFitter
Kentarou Mawatari (Louvain la Neuve) - Madgraph-EFT
Ken Mimasu (Sussex) - Rosetta
Giovanni Petrucciani (CERN) - CMS
Andrew Pilkington (Manchester) - ATLAS/unfolding
Frank Siegert (Dresden) - ATLAS/Sherpa
Oscar Stal (Stockholm) - HiggsSignals
Tiann-Tevong You (King's College London) - British EFT fit

For any queries or help with hotel booking please contact Jamie Tattersall (tattersall@thphys.uni-heidelberg.de) or Juan Gonzalez-Fraile (fraile@thphys.uni-heidelberg.de)

Juan, Jamie, and Tilman

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