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Master Seminar SS 2012

Here is a first, tentative, and incomplete list of topics for our master seminar in the 2012 summer term. Each student will give a 45 minute presentation (including questions) and will have to hand in a brief (6-8 pages) writeup after the end of term. These writeups are due two weeks after the respective presentation.

Each presentation will be focussed on one, more or less recent paper by one of the LHC experiments. The topics will be distributed during the first meeting. Collections of ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb papers are available online.

Please note that the Wednesday time slot has been changed to Tuesday 2PM in room ??? of the PI.

  • KW22 (29.5.)
  • Higgs production channels (Herwerth/TP): arXiv:0910.4182, arXiv:1101.0593
  • Higgs decay signatures (Welter/TP): arXiv:0910.4182, arXiv:1101.0593

  • KW23 (5.6.)
  • Counting jets with gauge bosons (Firnkes/TP): Phys.Lett. B154 (1985) 435, arXiv:1201.1276 (theory: arXiv:1108.3335)

  • KW24 (12.6.)
  • Multi-jet production (Licciulli/UU)
  • Probing supersymmetry in Jets plus missing energy (Brehmer/UU)

  • KW25 (19.6.)
  • Higgs search in the WW/ZZ final state (Kolpin/UU):
  • Higgs search in the two photon final state (Dittmeier/UU):

  • KW26 (26.6.)
  • Higgs search: How to calculate exclusions: (Wiegand/Lammers/UU)

  • KW28 (10.7.)
  • Very rare decays: Bs to muon pairs (Liluashvili/UU)
  • CP violation in flavor observables (Tapia/UU)

  • KW29 (17.7.)
  • Probing large flat extra dimensions (Roth/TP): arxiv:1106.5327, notes
  • Resonance searches for warped extra dimensions (Schell/TP): arXiv:1206.1849, notes

  • KW30 (24.7.)
  • space for additional talk requests

Tilman Plehn, Ulrich Uwer

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