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Partnership Mathematics and Physics

Members of the Partnership

Prof. M. Banagl, Mathematical Institute
  • topology
  • stratified spaces
  • connections to algebraic and differential geometry

Prof. T. Gneiting, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies

Prof. A. Hebecker, Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • theoretical particle physics
  • string theory and cosmology

Prof. H. Knuepfer, Institute of Applied Mathematics
  • partial differential equations
  • calculus of variations
  • materials science
  • fluid dynamics
  • micromagnetics
  • elasticity theory

Prof. W. Kohnen, Mathematical Institute

Dr. E. Palti, Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • string theory
  • theoretical particle physics

Dr. T. Reichelt, Mathematical Institute
  • D-modules
  • Hodge theory
  • mirror symmetry

Prof. D. Roggenkamp, Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • conformal and topological field theory
  • defect lines
  • string theory

Prof. M. Salmhofer, Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • Applied Analysis
  • quantum field theory
  • statistical mechanics
  • renormalization theory
  • high-temperature superconductors

Prof. O. Venjakob, Mathematical Institute
Johannes Walcher
Prof. J. Walcher, Mathematical Institute
  • string theory and compactifications
  • topological field and string theory
  • algebraic geometry and mirror symmetry

Prof. T. Weigand, Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • string theory
  • physics beyond the standard model

Prof. C. Wetterich, Institute for Theoretical Physics

Prof. R. Weissauer, Mathematical Institute

Prof. A. Wienhard, Mathematical Institute
  • moduli spaces of representations
  • moduli spaces of geometric structures
  • flat bundles
  • Higgs bundles
  • Teichmueller space
  • higher Teichmueller spaces
  • Lie groups and their discrete subgroups

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