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The 'What is ...?' seminar is an informal seminar where math students/postdocs explain topics in which the physics students/postdocs are interested in and vice versa.

In the case you want to participate in this seminar, please send a (blank) email to what-is-seminar+subscribe@googlegroups.com such that you get all the information about the upcoming events.

This Seminar is kindly supported by Springer.

Upcoming Seminars

The participants of the seminar are able to log into the seminar-organization page using the form below.



Past Seminars

10.02.16Fengjun Xu
What is quantum mechanics?
03.02.16Florian Stecker
What is a gauge theory?
25.11.2015Andreas Ott
Classical mechanics and symplectic geomtery
16.12.2015Florent Baume
What is a classical field theory?
15.12.2014Oskar Till
What are classical mechanics?
01.12.2014Sebastian Schulz
What is the (geometric) Langlands program?
17.11.2014Florent Baume
What is renormalization?
03.11.2014Daniele Alessandrini
What is Galois theory?
04.06.2014Ling Lin
"What is a brane?"
19.05.2014Stefan Sjrs
Geometry and analytic number theory in perturbative string theory
12.05.2014Martin Bies
What is a fermion/boson?
05.05.2014Ana Pen-Nieto
What is a brane?(Mathematical point of view)
08.01.2014Ana Pen-Nieto
"What is a gerbe?"
11.12.2013Johannes Schmidt
"What is a sheaf?"
11.12.2013Stefan Sjrs
Follow up on "What is Quantum Field Theory?"
20.11.2013Ling Lin
"What is Quantum Field Theory?"
06.11.2013Gye-Seon Lee
"What is the Gau-Bonnet Theorem?"
23.10.2013Mathew Bullimore
"What is a twistor?"

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