Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Stochastics

Summer School at Universität Heidelberg, July 21-26, 2014

organized by
M. Salmhofer (Heidelberg) and C. Kopper (Palaiseau)

This school introduces students and postdocs to recent results and techniques at the border between mathematical physics, analysis and stochastics. There will be two lecture series:

Self-Avoiding Walk in Four Dimensions

Roland Bauerschmidt (IAS, Princeton)
David Brydges (UBC, Vancouver)
Gordon Slade (UBC, Vancouver)

These lectures describe results proven using the mathematical renormalization group and the supersymmetric representation of this stochastic model.

Effective Equations for Quantum Many-Body Systems

Marcello Porta (HCM Bonn/Zurich University)
Benjamin Schlein (HCM Bonn/Zurich University)

These lectures present derivations of effective PDEs for N-body quantum systems with 1/N-scaling of the interaction.

The lectures will be supplemented by tutorial sessions. In addition, there will be sessions in which the participants can briefly present their own interests and projects.

This school is funded by
Partnership Mathematics and Physics at Heidelberg University, the
International Association of Mathematical Physics, and the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics.

The fee for participation is 100 EUR. Financial support of 500 EUR each is available for a limited number of participants. To apply for participation and possible financial support, send the completed application form ( odt / pdf ) to .

The poster of the school is available here .

Manfred Salmhofer , Institut für Theoretische Physik