Simulational Methods in Physics


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Thursday, 10.1.2013

16:15   D.F. Litim (Sussex)   Pulling oneself over the fence: a bootstrap for quantum gravity Slides

Friday, 11.1.2013

9:00   B.-J. Schaefer (Graz)   On baryons and the QCD phase structure Slides
9:30   N. Strodthoff (Heidelberg)   Aspects of QCD-like theories at finite density Slides
10:00   M. Karl (Heidelberg)   Non-thermal fixed points, vortex dynamics, and superfluid turbulence Slides
10:30       Coffee break
11:00   K. Falls (Sussex)   Black hole thermodynamics under the microscope Slides
11:30   A. Samberg (Heidelberg)   Heavy quarks in strongly coupled plasmas at finite chemical Slides
12:00   I. Boettcher (Heidelberg)   Equation of state of the unitary Fermi gas Slides
12:30   T. Enss (Heidelberg)   Quantum limited spin transport in ultracold atomic gases Slides
13:00       Lunch break
14:00   M. Oberthaler (Heidelberg)   Universal scaling in quenches with two component condensates
14:40   G. Aarts (Swansea)   How to climb Mount Everest: the sign problem at finite density Slides
15:20   D. Banerjee (Bern)   Quantum simulation of Abelian and Non-Abelian gauge theories using ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices Slides
15:50       Coffee break
16:30   D. Sexty (Heidelberg)   Gauge cooling in complex Langevin for QCD with heavy quarks Slides
17:00   J. Myers (Copenhagen)   A study of the fermionic determinant in QCD-based systems at small chemical potential Slides
17:30   T. Herbst (Heidelberg)   On the phase structure and thermodynamics of QCD Slides
18:00       Coffee break
18:30   S. Borsanyi (Wuppertal)   On the deconfinement temperature in full QCD
19:00   J. Langelage (Zurich)   Effective theory for thermal lattice QCD with heavy quarks Slides
19:30   W. Unger (Frankfurt)   Corrections to the strong coupling limit of staggered lattice QCD Slides
20:00       Dinner

Saturday, 12.1.2013

9:00   C. Gattringer (Graz)   Scalar QED on the lattice in a dual representation Slides
9:30   A. Alexandru (Washington)   Lattice QCD simulations using canonical ensemble Slides
10:00   L. Fister (Maynooth)   Confinement and Yang-Mills thermodynamics from correlation functions Slides
10:30       Coffee break
11:00   G. Endrodi (Regensburg)   QCD thermodynamics in magnetic fields: HRG and lattice Slides
11:30   F. Bruckmann (Regensburg)   Inverse magnetic catalysis at the QCD transition Slides
12:00   L. Palhares (Heidelberg)   QCD pressure under strong magnetic fields Slides
12:30   C. Fischer (Gießen)   Phase transitions in strongly interacting theories Slides
13:00       Lunch break
14:00   J. Polonyi (Strassbourg)   Proton scattering on an electron gas Slides
14:30   A. Maas (Jena)   Unusal bound states in Higgs theories Slides
15:00   C. Schubert (Morelia)   Schwinger pair creation in time-dependent fields Slides
15:30       Coffee break
16:00   R. Alkofer (Graz)   On the role of the quark-gluon vertex in confinement and chiral symmetry breaking Slides
16:30   M. Ilgenfritz (Dubna)   Thermal crossover with Nf=2 twisted mass quarks Slides
17:00   M. Mitter (Graz)   't Hooft Determinant at finite temperature with fluctuations Slides
17:30       Coffee break
18:00   D. Mesterhazy (Heidelberg)   Turbulence on the lattice Slides
18:30   G. Bergner (Frankfurt)   Supersymmetry on the lattice and simulations of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories Slides
19:00   C. Ford (Imperial College London)   For a few zero modes more Slides
19:30       Dinner


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