The cluster of excellence STRUCTURES explores new concepts and methods for understanding how structure, collective phenomena, and complexity emerge from the fundamental laws of physics. These concepts are also central for finding structures in large datasets, and for realizing new forms of analogue computing. STRUCTURES addresses specific, highly topical questions about the formation, role, and detection of structure in a broad range of natural phenomena, from subatomic particles to cosmology, and from fundamental quantum physics to neuroscience.

Akademische Mittagspause 2023

Von April bis Juli 2023 veranstaltete STRUCTURES die Akademische Mittagspause, eine Reihe allgemeinverständlicher Wissenschaftsvorträge jeden Mo-Fr, 13:00 in der Peterskirche. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Gästen für Ihren zahlreichen Besuch und Ihr Interesse, sowie bei der Hochschule für Kirchenmusik Heidelberg (HFK) für die tolle Zusammenarbeit!

Alle Videos der Vorträge finden Sie auf unserem YouTube-Kanal:


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STRUCTURES College provides the academic environment created by the cluster for physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists at all levels – a venue for scientific exchange, a guest program for short- and long-time visitors, and an interdisciplinary research-oriented teaching program.


STEPS is a step-by-step career program for young researchers (PhD, postdoc, junior group/tenure track professor), designed to counsel and support them in particular at the transitional points of their scientific career, and to improve diversity and work-family balance in STRUCTURES.



STRUCTURES Project Management Office
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STRUCTURES Project Management Office
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D-69120 Heidelberg

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