The Young Researchers Convent (YRC) is a subgroup of the STRUCTURES EXCELLENCE CLUSTER that brings together the young members of our scientific community. More precisely we represent PhD students and Postdocs who are either directly funded by STRUCTURES or work on related research topics.
Any young researcher who is working in a field that fits into the concept of STRUCTURES can apply for a YRC membership.

But what exactly does the YRC do?
The short answer is that we give young, motivated scientists the necessary support to realize their own projects. This ranges from travel funds covering the expenses to participate in conferences and workshops around the globe to the organization of seminars and talks.
Additionally the resources of the YRC can be utilized to help young organizers finance their own STRUCTURES-related workshops and events. The YRC also takes part in the STEPS mentoring program, designed to promote the exchange between scientists at different stages -and especially at the beginning- of their career.

Contact: structuresyrc(at)

Activities sponsored or organized by the YRC