Almost a PhD

In the lecture series 'almost a PhD', PhD students shortly before or shortly after their defense give their PhD talk.
In this format PhD candidates benefit by practicing their talk in front of a live audience and listeners are presented with understandable and hopefully high quality talks about a broad variety of current research topics. And if you are currently in your PhD yourself, you can collect ideas for your own talk in the future!
After the talk is finished and all questions are answered we would love to invite everyone to a virtual get-together. Grab a beer or snacks in front of your computer and have an informal discussion or chat.

If your defense is coming up and you are keen to practice your talk yourself or you finished and want to share your impressions with others, write a mail to structuresyrc(at) a mail with your topic and your preferred date. We will provide you 'drawing pads' that can be connected to a computer, to simulate an actual blackboard presentation.

Upcoming talk:

  • Monday, July 20, 18:15 by Linda Shen: Universelle Dynamik & Thermalisierung in isolierten Quantensystemen.
  • The talk will be in German this time, as this will be the language of Linda's defence.