Schöntal Workshops

The aim of the Schöntal Workshop is to bring PhD students from different areas of STRUCTURES together to engage in discussion over topics that go beyond the standard curriculum of a lecture.
16 students and two invited experts, who offer their expertise whenever needed will participate in the workshop.
The workshop consists of discussion rounds which are conducted by the participants and provide an environment for discussing.

2020 Entanglement

A. Entanglement in Quantum Mechanics
B. Experiments on hidden variables
C. Entanglement and information theory
D. Entanglement and GR: Black hole information paradox

Invited guests:
PD Stefan Flörchinger (ITP)
Prof. Artur Widera (U. Kaiserslautern)

2019 Entropy

A. Classical entropy in thermodynamics and statistical physics and the relation to phase space
B. Entropy in maths and computer science: Information entropy, Cryptology, Mutual Information
C. Entropy in Quantum Systems
D. Entropy in self-gravitating and self-interacting systems and extensions of the concept of entropy (e.g. Black Holes)

Invited guests:
Prof. Matthias Bartelmann (ZAH)
Prof. Manfred Salmhofer (ITP)