Friday, October 25, 2019, Heidelberg, Philosophenweg 12, Room 106.

    11:30h Kinetic field theory for cosmic structure formation (Matthias Bartelmann, ITP Heidelberg).
    13:30h Kinetic field theory: more on the generating functional (Matthias Bartelmann, ITP Heidelberg).
Abstracts are available here.

November 4-6, 2019, Paris: 1st French-German Meeting in Physics, Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence Theory.

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Recent activities

Winter term 2019/2020, Heidelberg: Lecture by STRUCTURES Postdoc Luca Battistella.

Details can be found here.

October 11, 2019, Heidelberg: ERC Synergy Grant for STRUCTURES member Ralf Klessen.

Astrophysicist Prof. Dr Ralf Klessen, a researcher at the Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University (ZAH), is part of an international research team in receipt of an ERC Synergy Grant – a highly endowed grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Read more...

October 10-11, 2019, Heidelberg: Symposium on Synthetic Quantum Systems.

    For details, see the following PDF.