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Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TRR 33 - The Dark Universe

Universität Heidelberg jointly with Universität Bonn and LMU München

7/2006-6/2018, three funding periods

In the standard cosmological model, normal baryonic matter contributes only roughly 5% to the overall density of our universe, the rest being in the form of dark matter (27%) and dark energy (68%). Whereas dark matter has already been postulated by Zwicky in 1933, the existence and dominance of dark energy was unexpected and raised fundamental questions such as the range of validity of Einstein's gravity, the role of extra dimensions, the existence of new forces, the nature of vacuum, the relation to the inflationary field and to the particle physics models.

Our transregional research center 'The Dark Universe' investigates these topics by means of theoretical approaches, observations, and numerical simulations.

The partprojects within the transregio in FP3 are described on the projects page. (Projects of the 1st and 2nd funding periods are included there in the archiv). Project Groups and Project leaders in FP3 are listed here.

A transregio-poster presents aspects of the project

The state of the field, and of the Collaborative Research Center TRR33 has been monitored concisely at the

and a Cern Courier article summarises the Transregio topics

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded "For the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae", and here are the 2015 results of the Planck Mission.

TRR33 has been operating for three consecutive periods (4 years each) starting July 2006. An overview of the 18 partprojects in the last funding period is at Transregio33_overview. A more detailed presentation is on the projects page.

Transregio33 has expired June 2018.

* CVs Transregio PIs.
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