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Gender Equality issues and Young family support

Transregio33 Fellowships

In 2012-17, the following TR33 Fellowships (up to 18months each) from central Transregio funds have been awarded to

Dandan Xu, Bonn (Postdoc)

Katarina Markovic, Munich (Postdoc)

Alexander Gelsin, Heidelberg (PhD? student)

Christina Hennig, Munich (PhD? student)

Katharina Borm (2ms)/ Miriam Ramos Ceja (10ms), Bonn (PhD? student)

Melanie Haase, Munich (PhD? student)

Sophia Mueller, Munich (PhD? student)

Julia Young, Munich (Postdoc)

Alicia Bueno Belloso, Heidelberg (Postdoc)

Nina Roth, Bonn (Postdoc, 7/2016 - 6/2018)

Viviana Niro, Heidelberg (Postdoc, 1/2017 - 6/2018)

Caroline Heneka, Heidelberg (Postdoc, 3/2017 - 12/2017)

Celine Tchernin, Heidelberg (Postdoc, 8/2017 - 11/2017)

The fellowships serve an incentive to initiate new projects, and to support young women in science. Complying with DFG regulations, they are E13 (E13/2 for doctoral students) positions with contracts. Further support of the PhD? students when the fellowships end has been secured.

Note: M. Haase has accepted a position at Oldenburg University.

D. Xu has meanwhile accepted a Humboldt fellowship.

K. Borm has now a Telecom-fellowship.
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