B10 - Non-locality and Dark Energy

Principal Investigators: V. Mukhanov, I. Sachs (LMU Munich)


The idea that non-local interactions can lead to interesting long-distance effects also in gravity without invoking fine-tuning is not new. The problem is rather to identify consistent non-local theories that produce the desired effect, i.e mimic the experimentally observed Dark Energy component. While non-locality is a generic feature of quantum effective actions it may arise already at the classical level which is much simpler to handle. Such is the case, for instance in Vasiliev’s massless higher spin theory. The latter is particularly interesting for two reasons: First, it admits classical solutions with a cosmological constant (de-Sitter) of any value. Second, it has the potential to produce a cosmological constant dynamically. In this proposal we focus on so far unexplored solutions with dynamical Dark Energy.