C4 - Unified Dark Matter and Energy

Principal Investigators: H. P. Nilles, H. Dreiner (Bonn)


A unified description of Dark Matter (DM) and Dark Energy (DE) is one of the central tasks of contemporary research in particle physics and cosmology. The present precision data of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the Planck satellite has strong impact on model building in this direction. Two well-motivated candidates for DM are so-called weakly interacting massive particles WIMPS (neutralinos, axinos, gravitinos etc.) and axions. DE might come in form of very light particles like dilatons and/or quintessential axions. We would like to understand the relevance of these candidates for DM and DE within a unified description in the framework of consistent models and analyze how (continuous and/or discrete) symmetries can explain properties of DM and DE. Within such realistic models of particle physics and cosmology we plan to explore the restrictions on DE and DM from upcoming results from the Planck satellite and the LHC. Especially in the case of WIMP properties, the LHC should give us important clues in the near future. Absence of convincing WIMP candidates might strengthen the case for axion-DM and intriguing connections between DE and DM.