• Press release by Parma University (2021):
    Fisica: all'Universita di Parma nascono nuovi metodi di simulazione quantistica

  • Video Abstract by Michele Delvecchio for the annual conference of the Italian Society of Statistical Physics on
    Error compensation for multi-level ineteracting systems

  • Mathematica Notebook from our submitted paper Atomic interactions for qubit-error compensations

  • Video Abstract by Michele Delvecchio for the workshop "Waves in Time-Varying Media" on
    Quantum walk of a BEC in momentum space

  • Video Abstract for our paper on
    Dephasing-rephasing dynamics of one-dimensional tunneling quasicondensates

  • Editor's suggestion (2018):
    Quantum walk in momentum space with a Bose-Einstein condensate, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 070402 (2018)

  • Synopsis in Physics:
    By manipulating the momenta of ultracold atoms, researchers demonstrate a quantum walk - a potential ingredient for quantum search algorithms
    Newsletter University of Auckland, NZ:
    Quantum walk in momentum space with a Bose-Einstein condensate

    Press Release on Quantum Walks

  • Paper in Nature Communications (2017):
    Classical synchronization indicates persistent entanglement in isolated quantum systems, Nat. Commun. 8, 14829 (2017)
    Press release by Parma University (2017):
    Una collaborazione italo-tedesca studia gli effetti della sincronizzazione nel mondo quantistico
    Press release by MPG (2017):
    Synchronization Effects in the Quantum World
    Press release by Juelich Research Center (2017):
    Synchronization Effects in the Quantum World

  • Celebrating David Fischer (ex bachelor student):
    Uni Spiegel, Heidelberg University
  • Press release by Heidelberg University (2016):
    Heidelberger Physiker reproduzieren mithilfe computergestuetzter Methoden ein Experiment mit ultrakalten Atomen
    Heidelberg physicists in reproducing experiment with ultracold atoms

  • Paper in Scientifc Reports (2016):
    Quantum coherent tractor beam effect for atoms trapped near a nanowaveguide, Sci. Rep. 6, 28905 (2016)
    Italian Foreign Office:
    Italia e Giappone - Insieme per realizzare un fascio laser "attrattivo"
    Italian newspapers:
    La Repubblica
    La Gazzetta di Parma
    La Gazzetta di Parma, print version
    Libero Online

  • Editor's suggestion (2015):
    Negative differential conductivity in an interacting quantum gas, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 050601 (2015)
    Viewpoint in Physics by Andrew Daley:
    Towards an Atomtronic Diode
    Pree release of Parma University: Atomtronica

  • My book on Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos is available now
       Physik Journal (Germany, 2015):
    Book review (in German)

  • Press Articles

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