Quantum Information

Quantum information theory is a research area which targets on the information theoretical implications of nonclassical correlations in possible measurement results on multipartite quantum systems. Our main interest is the application of proposed, computationally manageable entanglement measures for mixed states of bipartite quantum systems, and their implementation in monitoring the entanglement of multipartite systems, possibly coupled to an (incoherent) environment. We aim at designing scenarios which allow for a direct experimental measurement of entanglement in complex many-body systems, such as ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices.

The left figure sketches ultracold bosons in the presence of dissipation which triggers the dynamical creation of a Schrödinger CAT state between the wells 1 and 3.

Creation of entanglement in a superconducting cavity QED setup by accelerated adiabatic evolution (right).


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