Master-Pflichtseminar --- Summer term 2015

About the seminar

Here is the plan

In a first course on Quantum Field Theory (QFT) the background spacetime is taken to be flat Minkowski space, which is appropriate to make predictions for collider experiments. However, in cosmological contexts spacetime curvature cannot always be ignored and an understanding of quantum fields in such backgrounds is necessary.

In this seminar we will study QFT in curved spacetimes such as expanding Friedmann-Robertson-Walker geometries or de Sitter space. We will discover that notions such as a "particle" or the "vacuum" become ambiguous and observer dependent. Our findings are important for the understanding of early universe cosmology: one application is the calculation of density perturbations arising from inflation. The ultimate goal of this seminar will be to derive the effect of Hawking Radiation of black holes as well as the Unruh effect.

Black Hole



Here is a list of books which will be useful references for many presentations:



Date Speaker Topic References / Notes
15 April L. Witkowski Organisational meeting --
22 April No meeting Reading week --
29 April Christoph Sünderhauf Scalar fields in FRW space Notes
06 May Philipp Gernandt,
Javier Gonzalez
Am I a particle - and if so, how many? Notes
13 May Benjamin Freist,
Linda Shen
Fluctuations Notes
20 May Martin Klassen,
Roland Walz
de Sitter space Notes
27 May Nils Fischer,
Oscar Garcia
Introducing Inflation Notes
03 June Alberto Bailoni,
Johannes Dombrowski
Quantum Fluctuations during Inflation Notes
17 June Ingolf Bischer,
Nasim Rahaman
The Unruh effect Notes
19 June Julius Eckhard,
Max Lautsch
Particle emission by black holes Notes
24 June Simon Hirscher,
Dennis Stock
The Black Hole Information paradox Notes
01 July Emanuele Ottino,
Maria Walch
Firewall Paradox Notes
08 July Sebastian Borszcz,
Daniel Jimenez
Axions and Cosmology Notes
15 July Daniel Geiss,
Daniel Kläwer
The Weak Gravity Conjecture Notes
16 July Torsten Zache Inroduction to Loop Quantum Gravity Notes
22 July Aleksandr Chatrchyan,
Björn Jüliger
Randall-Sundrum models Notes